Rogue One: A Star Wars Story also known as Dark Forces The Movie


I’m back as i’m sure you’re aware by now :slight_smile:

Just as i did with the prequels and TFA, i’m not going to hate on this new instalment till i’ve seen the film and have any reason to hate on it. i don’t hate on things for the sake of simply hating on things. IF i end up hating on it it’s because i genuinely do not like it for whatever reason :slight_smile:

Edit, just as with TFA, the trailers look absolutely great. i sincerely hope the film is great. i’m not setting my personal expectations too high and will simply watch it for what it is, not what i hope it should be.

This will come as a relief to you and others i’m sure, i’ll be staying clear of that section for a while :slight_smile:


Yeah that’s how it works. It sounds as if I think you’re a grumpy old man or something (I’m not looking at your profile pic haha), trust me I don’t. You have every reason to hate TFA and I respect that, in fact, I’m beginning to “dislike” it a bit recently so I respect your opinion even more now.

Anyway, I saw Rogue One just a couple of hours ago and I was 100% right! I’m sleepy.

I’ll wait a couple of days to share and read the comments about the movie. It was fun and entertaining and that’s all I wanted, overall I’m happy with it but I think I’ll need to watch it like 75 times more just for fun.

@Lister86 Here, have a spoiler: [SPOILER]Jar Jar Binks saves the day[/SPOILER]


Yeah I loved the force awakens but the initial things I thought were kind of lame, are starting to become more annoying the more times I watch.


Like it being an exact copy of an older plot :wink:?

Very excited for this one though.


None of that really bothered me, that’s because of the expanded universe. In the EU all the stories from TFA exist, it almost seems like they just took some of that and jammed it into the movie. Which I mostly approve of. The whole death star planet thing annoyed me more than anything.


I’m not familliar with the expanded universe, but looking at The Force Awakens, it felt like looking at A New Hope a lot. Precisily because of the death star planet situation and all that. There were too much deja vu moments like that. But I’ll probably watch The Force Awakens again before I’m going to watch Rogue One. Even if one has nothing to do with the other :smile:.


I’m debating with myself if i should go see it or not. i spose it’ll depend on my boys if they want to, but after TFA they said they would not go see any more Star Wars. they are however watching Rebels and enjoying it. i’ve loved it since day 1 :slight_smile:


@g4e You should go, it is much more akin to Rebels and A new Hope than any other star wars film, it’s not flawless by all means but it’s quite enjoyable and it has a couple of scenes every Star Wars fan will enjoy and make the whole 2:15 hours worthy.

@Arsenal4thetreble Besides Mr. Plinkett’s reviews there’s this one, he makes almost the same criticisms but with a couple of things I didn’t realize until I saw this:


Wow. What a fantastic movie. It’s my first reaction and I’ll have to watch it several times to get a really good feel for it, but initially it just feels like they got it spot on.



Saw it today, absolutely nailed it.

Wasn’t expecting it to go literally up to the start of A New Hope. Also, I was surprised that literally everyone dies. Gives that whole “many died to bring us this information” line in the original films some new weight.

To be fair to Disney, they’re getting it absolutely spot on with Star Wars at the moment


Great film it was gritty, the good guys were willing to do despicable things just like the bad guys and the battle scenes were incredible - some of the best to date for sure.

I think the music was a little off and there were a few moments here and there that didn’t quite gel but overall it’s a fantastic addition to the Star Wars cinematic universe and better than TFA for me.

And the Vader part at the end was just jizz worthy, if any of you guys want to get more from the film I recommend reading the book Catalyst from James Luceno as it gives backstory to characters like Galen Erso, his wife Lyra and also Krennic. Just makes you appreciate Rogue One that much more.

I’ll be seeing it again in a few days.


This may be the best Star Wars movie ever made. It reminded me more of straight up war films like Saving Private Ryan than other Star Wars movies.


Great movie.

The only thing I hated was the “war council” part. That script for that bit made me cringe.


I still haven’t seen it yet. It only scores 85% on Rotten Tomatoes, so probably that rating will fall further yet, and some of the reviews reckon its just crap with commercial nostalgia thrown in for the fans. Genuinely worth going?


It definitely had the feel of the older movie. TFA as great movie but it still had a different vibe to it. This one felt like it belonged in the original trilogy.


@Darkseid I only skimmed your post because I haven’t seen the film yet, but I got the feeling you might want to use some spoiler tags perhaps.

As I said I skimmed it, so apologies if your post wasn’t actually very spoilerific :kissing_closed_eyes:

Regarding the film, until a couple days ago I had joined idea that Vader was going to be in it. I’m stupidly hyped for it now


No spoilers dude I couldn’t do that to my fellow Star Wars fans :sunglasses:

I’m sure you’ll love it.


Absolutely incredible. One of the best ones yet?

TFA and this one are my favourites of all of them, I know that’s sacrilege but this one was fucking super.


I enjoyed this I must say, and really I dont care about Star Wars or it fitting in or anything but killing basically the entire cast was a fucking nice move in that regard


Well, I mean, they pretty clearly say in a New Hope that that is what happens. It’s not really a spoiler. That’s like saying Vader is Lukes father I’d a spoiler.