Rogue One: A Star Wars Story also known as Dark Forces The Movie


Lol I was thinking about him in regards to this. Rest assured he’ll show up if he hates the movie.


Seeing it on Friday and super pumped, I’ve heard it’s excellent, can’t wait.

Also currently reading the novel Catalyst by James Luceno and will finish it before I see Rogue One as it gives a lot of backstory on characters such as Galen Erso and Krennic therefore giving a deeper understanding, nice read so far.


Yeah I’m going Friday as well, I’d love to be like the young whipper snappers and go midnight Wednesday, but I’m too old and busy at work. I have to pick up that book by the way sounds like something I’d love.


…or If he loves it, to keep trashing on TFA :sanchez2:

I’ve been watching Rebels for a while, 2 to 3 episodes per day, because I wanted to finish it in time for Rogue One. Only a couple of days ago I found out there’s ANOTHER season (3), damn Netflix only showing 2… I guess I won’t make it.

btw, I’m going to be useless this thursday at work, full Sanogo mode.


Hahaha yeah well I actually did that last year for TFA and yes full Sanogo mode is a good description.

Rebels has been awesome btw. When you see the finale of season 2 you are gonna be bummed you can’t see season 3, it’s pretty epic. I’m a couple episodes behind on season 3, but it’s been great. I’m sure you could find torrents of it pretty easily if you looked. I think it’s about 9 episodes into the season already.


My tickets booked for sunday unforntley am at work all week then at the boro match on the Saturday so got to wait till sunday.

Its got a lot off good feedback from the premier so am hyped for it,

I agree with A4T Rebles has been brilliant so far this season and worth watching if you like star wars.


I almost shit myself with the season 1 finale, that’s when I got really hooked with Rebels, I’m pretty sure the second season ending will be epic as well, can’t wait!!.. but I’ll have to, for now.


Force Awakens was great, can’t wait to see where they go with it next!


just stuck on star wars rebels season 1 episode 1. Will report back shortly.


My first impression was that it’s not really a kids show. A little dark and quite a bit of violence.


season 2 final was epic. Bringing Maul back has been fantastic to watch after this weeks episode I carnt wait to see rest off this season.


Whoah spolier!!! ^^^^^ I’ve already seen it but others are still working their way through season 2 :woj:


Sorry I didn’t see it has a spoiler since he returned in clone wars


Dude I legit said I just started season 1 episode 1. Ffs.


Sorry I wrote that yesterday and forgot to post it so posted it before I seen ur comment


It’s all good mate. :blush: don’t stress.


Haha at least it’s something to look forward too get you through season 1




Ahh I never watched clone wars!! I didn’t know he had already returned before, I thought that was just a Rebels thing.


Clone wars was pretty crap but worth watching just for his return and developing his character. plus its adds that extra level off enjoyment for season 2 off rebels