Rogue One: A Star Wars Story also known as Dark Forces The Movie


I’m a really really fucking huge star wars nerd. So much so that it takes precedence in my life over loving Arsene Wenger if you can believe it or not :wenger2: So without having done any research to confirm if I’m correct or not, the…“many bothan spies died to bring us this information” line was from Return of the Jedi. Pretty sure they don’t say that in Episode 4. By the way the name “A New Hope” wasn’t original. Lucas added that later I’m pretty sure. In 1977 it was just called Star Wars.

Bow down to my elite star wars knowledge. :bow:


Better safe than sorry with Star Wars and spoilers though eh? :slight_smile:


Hmm, I guess you’re right.

I’m not sure where I’d heard that all the rebels died in the mission getting the plans but if you’d asked me before Rogue 1 came out I’d have told you the same thing. In any case I’ve seen NO spoilers for this movie and I knew from the beginning everyone on that mission was going to die.

Huh. Weird. Not disputing you, just wondering where I might have gotten it into my head.


From reading a spoiler.


I haven’t read any spoilers. I’ve been extremely careful and stayed out of anything Rogue One related for weeks and weeks.

The only thing I can imagine it being is hearing the “Bothan” line and then not really knowing what Bothans were, probably thinking they’re a rebel unit and then my brain just retconned it into rebels instead of Bothans.

That or I’m just really good at predicting movies.


Lol Im kidding, no need to justify.

Absolutely brilliant movie by the way. Predicted the ending half way through but didnt stop it from being fantastic.

One thing that was illogical is when Vader uses the force at the end to disarm the rebels but doesnt get the data chip in the process


Well they had to cos otherwise you would see them in 4

But really good movie the ending is the best part. Better than 7,3,2,1 at least imo.

Great to see Vader, Tarkin and Leia (but his cgi was blatant lol).


Well yea they’ve done it for continuity but as if that generally makes a difference. Its refreshing. :slight_smile:


Lol some of my friends didn’t even notice he was CGI. When I told them Peter Cushing has been dead since 1994 they were pretty surprised.


What?! Seriously?! I thought it was so obvious as was Leia but I still appreciated it. Good effort though he did look a bit like the BFG (not mertesacker, Dahl) haha


Carrie Fisher has had a heart attack on a flight and is critical condition.

2016 has been a bastard of a year :disappointed:


I really enyoyed it, kinda surprising that they managed to fit both the gritty nature of the film with the Star Wars atmosphere.
The battle scene were just great, I just loved those last 15 minutes it was like eating chocolate while getting occasionally kicked in the groin.


Went to see it a couple days ago. while it’s MUUUUUCH better than TFA to say the least, i think a few things could have been done differently/better.

[spoiler]I didn’t see the point of Forest Whitaker’s character- Saw Gerrera’s- being in the film beyond saving Jyn Erso right at the start.

While i thought Director Krennick was a good character that was well acted, i didn’t think he made an especially memorable antagonist. i think it would have been better to have made the main antagonist/s Tarkin or Vader. maybe to tie in Rogue One to ANH better, Vader could have been the main antagonist and failing to find the rebels, the emperor then sends in Tarkin and orders Vader to assist Tarkin. that would also explain why Vader seems more subservient to Tarkin than otherwise we would have expected him to be. it would also explain the imperials attitude towards Vader when on the death star, especially Admiral Motti.

I also think that the characters were still not fleshed out properly, i saw no reason why Jyn Erso could attract random strangers to her cause, as just as that cause might be.

There’s 1 major continuity error, unless i missed something in the film? how come when the fleet has already left 3po and r2 are still on Yavin 4, but they still manage to get aboard the Tantive 4 to be with Leia for ANH?

Having said all that, these are VERY minor gripes that i can live with.

The major stand-out for me is just how good of a job was done with Tarkin’s likeness, and Guy Henry’s portrayal of such a short lived but very iconic character. It was handled with respect and aplomb and i loved every second of his screen time.


I thoroughly enjoyed the film. the ending is simply spectacular, no other word for it.Gareth Edwards definitely gave the subject matter the respect it deserves, i can’t say the same for any of JJ Abrams films. on my Star Wars scale, minus 10 for TFA, 1 for all 3 of the prequels and 10 for the OT, this was a solid 6.5.

I will definitely be buying the Bluray when it’s out!


It’s a Christmas fucking Miracle!!


Nothing miraculous about a proper script, and director mate :slight_smile:


To be fair, that was a very fair analysis with some good points I’d say from @g4e

I’d agree with a few too.


Lucas said in an interview after the success of “Star Wars” that if he had gone with the original episode name " Episode 4 A New Hope" nobody would have gone to see it and been like "where’s 1,2 and 3?! everybody was already like where’s 1,2, and 3, but the film was so good they/we said it more out of demand for more Star Wars lol

I’ve been looking for this interview for a few years and just cannot find it anywhere. in this interview Lucas also gave away a few plot points about the saga, such as Palpatine being a mad clone and not a sith lord, as well as the clone troopers going mad and unleashing hell on the whole galaxy. that was also confirmed in the Thrawn Trilogy.

Thanks mate. i can do it when i want to, but passion gets the better of me sometimes :frowning:

I should have also mentioned that k2 was excellent in every way. his comedic timing and gags where handled expertly by Edwards.

[spoiler]Leia was also very well done and i would have mentioned her above if not for Tarkin overshadowing her…

Sorry Leia.[/spoiler]





Carrie Fisher died.