Zlatan Ibrahimović


I don’t intend to entertain your nonsense anymore mate. It’s boring.


So is your IBRA ball licking, you are the one he was talking about in the paper the other day right? Thought of you right away. :cristo:


Ok mate. :fist:t3:


Guess who scored again :rolling_eyes:


13 league goals, not a big game though lol.


Really don’t think there would be much discussion about this if it weren’t for the AKB’s having to be perpetually louder than common sense.

Ibra’s a great player and a tremendous athlete who hasn’t found playing in the EPL a banana skin at all, that’s all she wrote really.


How good has his durability been for a 35 year old also ? Played nearly all league, European and Cup matches thus far.


Articulated better than I’ve managed to throughout the entire thread. :+1:t3:


I’m sorry to OA for ever making this thread back in August :joy:


Another shit team, another goal.


Gave him recognition when I said he’s the 4th best striker in the league


Playing in Ligue 1 helped those numbers a lot


All this talk of 50 goals and that was just last year. Is he gonna score 50 goals this year? Nope guess that means he’s really dropping off a cliff with his old age considering the PL is such a shit league and he should be scoring about 60 or so here since the league is so bad. Did I mention how inferior the PL is to all other amazing leagues?


I think you need to look up the definition of irony and humour. The cunts about as funny as cancer.


You used his stats on him there mate


Point being 50 goals in the French league where Giroud was top scorer means fuck all. I’d probably score a couple goals playing CF over there.


It’s all subjective but the league has Aguero, Costa, Alexis, Sturridge, Kane. So it’s not like saying 4th best is calling him shit or anything.


I haven’t really followed the discussion, but 38 league goals in any of the top five Leagues is quite an achievement. Only Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi hit those kinds of numbers in the modern age.


Well as said, not everyone understands irony. Or appreciates it.


Including yourself