Zlatan Ibrahimović


What’s ironic about him saying he made people eat their balls?


I don’t know, you tell me. wasnt referring to that quote.



OK @Ocke care to point out the irony in ‘I’m fucking great now eat my balls’. Do you also find Donald Trump exceedingly ironic to?


Not surprised to hear him talk like that. It’s the kind of thing a guy says who likes Dragon tattoos, martial arts, and Chuck Norris, I mean he’s a total bad ass and has to make sure everyone is aware of it.


The thing is he’s obviously one of the best players in the world and a 35 year old man so mature. But he’s talking like Tupac in Me Against The World. Is the irony that he’s taking the piss out of what a complete cunt of a human he is?


Just relax. Like I said, I don’t know of that quote and I wasn’t commenting on it either. I meant he often uses irony in his interviews etc. And wtf does Trump have to do with this thread :laughing:


Could you show me an example of Ives using irony in an interview is you have the time please


Oh ok, I assumed you were commenting on the quote above you which read ““I came to the Premier League and everyone thought it would not be possible but, like always, I make them eat their balls,”

So I hence questioned your sense of irony.


Very understandable, no worries @arsenescoatmaker

Don’t know what he meant by just that quote but I guess it was giving back to all doubters.


I don’t get the people trying to talk about a player using another one. I really don’t get it.


But Arsene Wenger is hilarious right??? Amirite???


How did two numpties manage to trigger all these people into giving them the time of day every week?

Zlatan, great of the game obviously. Not sure why two of the most deluded fans on the site get the satisfaction of being handed all these replies without fail. Now they get to feel like the “voice of the AKBs” every time he scores and probably look forward to annoying some people on here all the time.


Bro I got problems. I can’t let these things slide lol


I don’t hate Ibra just don’t rate him highly but he has a huge strange fanboy group who attack you for not rating him highly.


Because the issue is that it’s ok to not like him. He’s actually not very likeable. But when you say you don’t rate him it’s just ignorance. He’s one of the most accomplished and gifted strikers of his generation and he’s recognised globally for that.

He’s played for Ajax, Juventus, Internazionale, Barcelona, Milan, PSG and now Manchester United.

You don’t have that kind of CV if you’re not of immense quality. That’s not disputable.


I actually agree that he is a flat track bully. But if you’re scoring against everyone other than the 3 biggest sides, who wouldn’t take that?! Someone has to score those goals - and if it was THAT easy then why is no one else doing it every week?


Just because posters appreciate a footballer for his strengths, even if he plays for an opposing team, doesn’t mean we are a "strange fanboy group."
Some of the things you say are strange, but you are entitled to your opinion, like the rest of us.


35 year old in his first season in the toughest league in the World, and bossing it. Unquestionable IMO.


Nothing to say against him, he is still a boss. WC player.