Would you Cash in on Sanchez and Ozil?


Keep Ozil, dont care about Alexis

Alexis Sánchez

Kinda agree, Alexis is more easy to replace than a player like Ozil. A hard working winger which can score a few goals there are a few knocking about but players with exceptional vision are harder to come by. Problem is Ozil has to buck his ideas up…shame we couldn’t merge the 2 players really we would have 2 disgustingly good players, but we have 1 with runs around like a man possessed but is brash also loses the ball and recently looks like he doesn’t give a shit and the other that is lazy looking sometimes doesn’t get into matches but can always deliver brilliance out of nothing…its tough but I think Alexis is already gone in his mind so he will perform shit next season if we keep him i reckon. I think Ozil wouldn’t mind staying but would probably want signs of improvement, plus no one is really after him haha!


Funny thing is though is that Özil doesn’t suit a team that plays under Wenger, a #10 in the vein of James Rodriguez would suit this team more as it one that relies on individuals to make something out of nothing to bail it out rather than having any kind of cohesive structure that allows all to excel.

Özil is wasted under the likes of Wenger and the team isn’t built to get the best out of him, same goes for many other players but since IMO he’s our best player it is frustrating in the extreme.

Not sure why some have turned on Alexis? Is it because of his so called attitude? Practically any other world class player would be sick of this shit and would show their frustration. He’s a winner and he’s playing for a joke of a manager in a team that collectively has no heart, something is seriously wrong when it’s him that’s being singled out rather than those that want to maintain the status quo.


I’d like to keep both but if we have to sell one I’d much rather sell Ozil than Alexis for a couple reasons.

Ozil is a brilliant player but he needs the team built around him in a certain way to get the best out of him. Alexis, in contrast, could succeed in just about any team. There is no team or setup into which a versatile forward with exceptional goal scoring ability and a hard working do-or-die attitude cannot fit.

While I think Ozil has gotten far too much stick from the press and some fans during his time at Arsenal, I also just think his personality fits in a little too well in the cozy, comfortable environment that Wenger has created at Arsenal. Alexis has his own attitude problems but to change the mentality of the club we need more players like him, not fewer. We need players who are disgusted by losing and who will call out their teammates for not putting in 100% during every training and every match.


But we can sign anyone in the world other than CR and Messi!


Yes and yes IMO

Fuck em both off, though this should have been done before the season started.

Uncertainty about players futures fucks team morale


If we were going to do it, it should have been done early in the window and the money invested on good young talent… not late in the window and putting the money in cash reserves.


Those fucking cash reserves @Aussiegooner lol bane of our lives


Sanchez yes

Ozil no

            Theo Alexa Iwobi


Keep them, let them leave on a free. We’ll be trendsetters for Wenger’s new contract theory.


Why? Theo is a WC player, said someone on here :thinking:


Part of me thinks if any of them are stupid enough to actually want to stay then they have no soul or ambition. So I kind of want everyone to want to leave and know that they acknowledge that things at this club are not okay.

For example, imagine Ozil comes out tomorrow and signs a 5 year deal for big money, then comes out with what a great club this is and how we’re going to fight for the league and we need to fight for each other and for our amazing coach and we can be successful, what are we actually going to think about him? What a great servant of the club? As soon as he puts in a couple of “lazy” performances then it’ll be “look at that prick, taken his payday and now doesn’t give a fuck”.


Annnnd… it happened.


Love for Alexis to stay, as he’s not easily replaceable imo. But I think we all knew that Alexis wanted out in the middle of last season. Ozil, I’d sell him up now, get as much cash aboard for him. Don’t think he be a big loss for us, Massively overrated by some Arsenal fans, for me one of the more disappointing Wenger signings. Considering his reputation in world football. I sell both aboard even if we get half price, don’t want them sold to PL rivals. Players like OX are fine as I doubt he make a massive difference to Chelsea anyway. But Alexis to City would hand them the title imo. Would dishearten the fans too and make us look small fry.

I do think Alexis will go by Thursday. Ozil I think will probably stay cause no other big team wants him.


At the beginning of the summer, I said either sell them early or not at all. And then as the summer went on I was firmly in the don’t sell camp, under the assumption that we might still sign Ozil to an extension and that the club could be decent enough with the additions of Lacazette, Kolasinac, and a couple other players like Lemar to have a good chance at top four and maybe winning the Europa League.

After the last couple weeks, however, its hard for me to see this club doing anything this year because the players - not only Ozil and Sanchez, but all the others who have come to realize that the team won’t make the investments to compete and will just get far worse in the future once its stars leave - aren’t invested in Wenger’s project. The emperor has no clothes and all the players know it. Given that situation, we’re not going to make top four and we’re not going to win a European trophy.

Some might argue that I’m being too pessimistic. But if you agree that this is very likely a lost season, what is the point of keeping Ozil and Sanchez?


Well we have our answer, I must say I didn’t expect it to be keep both and lose them for free when I created this thread.


Yep, imagine if this happened…! :grimacing: Now where’s that contract signature Mesut?


Amazing that neither of these blokes have a league goal or assist between them and we are about to enter October.


goes to show in worst case scenario we can easily cope without them, i dont think they are playing with effectiveness anymore for us. Yeah Sanchez looks totally busy but busy doing what, he plays for himself only at this point i feel and for quite a while before this season. Only thing that will suck is they would more than likely go to a rival and when they play for them they will probably play like a house on fire.


In their minds they’re already gone…

It’s going to be a long season :confused: