Would you Cash in on Sanchez and Ozil?


Our management, the board, whoever is making the decisions, has mismanaged this club since 2006. They’ve been trying too hard to get out in front of everyone. They are incompetents. Everything has been a mistake. Signing that “revolutionary” shirt deal seemed cool until everyone else after us got much better deals. Moving into a soulless stadium 10 years too early. It all smacks of greed and not doing the right things for sporting reasons.


We didn’t move into Emirates too soon. We moved in at the right time. We’ve just failed to capitalise on our move correctly. Poor stadium naming rights deals and just generally not commercialising the club the same way our major rivals have domestically.


Charlie Nicholas is talking utter simplistic nonsense. Maybe he believes Henry and Vieira wouldn’t have pushed for moves away sooner if we weren’t a winning team, or never received wage increases in their 2nd & 3rd contracts to keep them sweet.

Now apparently Sanchez and Ozil are mercenaries just for wanting a slice of the massive wealth available to them. If we were winning stuff then fools like Charlie Nicholas would be begging Sanchez and Ozil to stay

The old loyalty in football chestnut makes its periodic reappearance, love it


I believe Ozil wants to stay much more than Sanchez does.

Ssnchez comes across as very petulant and selfish despite being our best attacker. This too has real negative affects on the team too. But then again you dont know if he is acting this way because he has lost respect of the manager. Getting a new manager in may revitalise some of our players.

Theres so many variables right now. How can you expect any player to commit long term when the manager and the board dont have a scooby themselves? This isnt a player thing at the moment. The management of this great club is all over the place!


Taking your moral high road really worked out for us there didn’t it Charlie.

Seriously, do you need to fail an intelligence test to work for Sky on a Saturday? Merson you’re off the hook. Feel so awkward for Le Tissier whenever I watch some of it


Honestly charlie had the league cup in 87 but he was pretty poor overall. Liked the bright lights but hard work and charlie dont belong together.


Simply because he can have lots of holidays be lazy and generally not give a fuck and give shit performances but then is mollycoddled because he is the star and has such a fragile self esteem and wenger doesnt give him a kick up the arse when needed…basically he is will to stay because any other team that is to pay big bucks for him will damn well expect performances. Goes to show all this socialist shit we are doing is doing nothing but breeding a bunch of pathetic children in need of a babysitter. God i long for the days of Adams, keown etc players that were fucking men and would not accept defeat and wanted to win not this bunch of overpaid fucking nancyboys it sticks in my fucking craw so much!


Ozil yes, never been a match winner like Alexis in his time at Arsenal.


Yeah possibly, I haven’t done too much research into why we left or had to leave in the first place, however now is the time to make a stadium move when there is a new insurgence of money from the TV deals. We had to struggle through a lot of barren years relying on that CL money, for what? Absolutely nothing, a club like the scum can now make a move having not had consistent CL money for years. The rest of it I agree with, our executives have no clue what they are doing. There are a lot of clubs being run more competently than Arsenal atm.


Ozil has to go, not sure what he brings to the team these days.

I really like him but…cash him in


There’s nothing to cash in on.


I reckon we could get a 6 pack of pickled onion space raiders and a 4 finger kit-kat


Clubs are fighting over Sissoko, one eventually paying £30m for him but we wouldn’t be able to sell Ozil if we wanted to :confused:


Exactly. No one wants him.


But… logic is overrated


Lol there are still people who think we couldn’t get good money for Ozil. The man is essentially one of Europes most prolific creator of chances and assists maker over the last 7 years. He’s incredibly marketable too and is one of the most recognisable footballing names out there. Plus he’s at a good age too.


My feeling is the problem is not the players.
But I would still sell them both and let our new manager use it to buy players who want to play for us.
Ozil and Sanchez seem to have their heads somewhere else.
Mind you my list of players to get rid off is a very very long one.
A decent manager would have got rid of our poor players a long time ago.


He’s in the last year of his contract, he’s had one stand out “Ozil level” season for us and all of the top level teams who would want a luxury creative player like him play systems that don’t utilise it or have similar players that are as good as or better.

I’d be happy if we managed to break even on him, even if the transfer fees have gotten ridiculous.


Fenerbahce want him but I don’t think he’s ready to slip down the food chain yet.


Fener are wealthy, but by no means could they afford the transfer fee + wages Özil is currently demanding. Turkey is twilight territory for Mesut, he’s still got plenty of mileage left in him before making that move.

It’s the age old Arsenal trait of keeping players that don’t necessarily agitate the team’s sanctuary opposed to those that do and purposefully force their hand. Özil stays. Alexis goes in that case (if reports are aligned with the above).