Who would you like to replace Arsène Wenger?


Sorry, I meant from Germany (in reply to SDGooner on German/English football system)

He is from Austria…

My fault


This could also be a reply to @ronniec:

We’re not talking about two seasons at Dortmund. Sure, that’s all I’ve personally seen of him, but he was very, very highly rated even when he was at Mainz. Dortmund didn’t just hire a “nobody”; They hired someone who was already seen as a top coach.

He changed a lot in their style of play, so I think putting their good league campaign last season down to a “new manager effect”, is unfair.

I can’t say that I like the style of play being described as “overly attacking”. I mean, sure it’s attacking, but when you then go on to mention that something like “shape” should be of priority, then I can’t help but feel that there’s some idea of Tuchel being almost similar to Wenger or some other “fun” free-flowing attacking coach, when he really is much closer to someone like Pep Guardiola. Doubt you’ll find many more “tactical” coaches, who work more on things like shape in possession and out of possession on the training ground.

They’re having some problems defensively this year, that’s true. They were good last season though. 34 conceded in 34, with the kind of defensive pressure that kept opponents away most of the time.

Allegri or Simeone are probably the best if you want a defense first kind of mentality. Both equally great IMO, but Allegri seems more realistic to me.

Tuchel, Sarri or maybe Sampaoli if you want “attacking football” or whatever you wanna call it.

Also, not mentioned in the poll, but you’ve also got coaches like Favre and Hasenhüttl, who seem to have extremely interesting methods and they’ve both achieved/are achieving impressive results.

Plenty of interesting and exciting options out there. Of course, you’ve also got many people like Roberto Martinez out there, so I’m also kinda worried about Arsenal falling for the hype of someone like that. :laughing:


Very well written.

I think he is a pretty decent coach, can’t say (to make conclusion) he is good/very good because there are 2 reasons.

He helped Mainz promoted to Bundesliga 1, and that is true; but after that Mainz is still Mainz, which is a mid-table team and not really able to post real threats to the Bundesliga giants. Not his fault, but my opinion is, he was doing a decent job to keep Mainz as the 2nd-tier team, not spectacular. IMO, he is like doing a Roberto Martinez and Ronald Koeman’s job at Everton, to keep a mid-table team in the middle of the table.

As I said, his Dortmund team is full of star/former star players but they are pretty inconsistent (I say they are worse than Arsenal regarding consistency). By the squad that they have, they should not be #7 on the table and 12 points off Bayern. I give him benefit of doubt (new team, injuries), but I want to see him managing BVB for a few MORE seasons before saying he is good enough for Arsenal’s job. He had just 1 1/2 seasons with Dortmund, the pressure is not that high. With Arsenal, that’s a whole different scenario.

That’s why I prefer an experienced manager, not someone unproven.


I think he took Mainz to Europe twice. Plus Mainz wasn’t a regular Bundesliga club. That’s not comparable with a club like Everton who are a Premier League stable club tbh. He should get a little more credit for his work with Mainz.


Ok, I won’t disagree.


GG likes conceding goals as it makes the game more exciting for the fans.


Well we’re talking in the context of Tuchel coming to Arsenal in 17/18. It his work at Dortmund that will determine his quality as a manager for top level positions. Doubt anybody anywhere will be citing his time at Mainz as any indication of what he can bring to a massive club like Arsenal.

The only reason why his name is even being mentioned at all is because of his prominence at Dortmund. If he was still at Mainz today, i doubt anyone in England would know who he is let alone be considering him one of the biggest jobs in club football regardless how highly rated he was at Mainz.

I don’t think saying the Dortmund side were under ‘new manager effect’ in 15/16 is unfair at all when they you look at the wider context of Klopp’s departure. Dortmund needed to be refreshed after with a different approach after Klopp effectiveness began to fade, the side was stale and Tuchel reinvigorated the side with his ideas. The first season can’t really be any massive indication of quality too many examples to cite of this. Lets look at his record after 4 seasons

Nope, I’m aware Tuchel is nothing like Wenger in terms of a having precise attacking system. I am aware Tuchel doesn’t subscribe to ‘freeform football’ but I do think his football is top heavy. Where I do he is too similar to Wenger is maybe he’s too dogmatic with his ideals and lacks a suitable B other than small variations within his own tactics. Difference is Wenger actually has a lengthy top level track record of consistency to back his ideas whereas Tuchel has nothing at a top level.

Bottom line for me is that we just haven’t seen enough from his for his name to mentioned around this job. He need to prove himself at Dormund’s level first


I dont but I’d rather win 5-4 than 1-0 in a one off game.


I just can’t see any reason for Wenger to stay after this year. Even if the board has lowered their goals per season (top four etc.) and Wenger hits those goals, our football has become like spoilt milk. It’s sickening.


First idea best idea.


Seen enough tonight why it cant be Eddie Howe. Had enough of crap defensive understanding of the game.


That’s why he isn’t in the poll my friend.

Do I have foresight or what? :coq:


I really don’t know how people can hammer coaches like Simeone and then force themselves to watch Arsenal for an entire season and think it’s somehow better. We play 60 games a season and we play “good football” for like 10 of those games. Arsenal fans seem to have convinced themselves football needs to be played a certain way to satisfy them for 90 minutes but that is not true. I would bet watching Simeone’s Arsenal would be more satisfying more frequently than watching Wenger’s Arsenal at any time in the past 8 years, even if at times it’s more defensive than we’re used to.

So please, any coach who will work on organisation first because watching your team be clueless is the most frustrating shit in football. If you want to watch football for fun go and watch Suarez and Messi put 6 past Getafe. Most of us watch Arsenal out of obligation, so I’ll take a calm uneventful 1-0 or 2-0 win where we’re in charge throughout over going 3-0 down to a team with a defence straight out of League One.


Fucking amen @Craigie

One off, sure. But 1-0 football game after game after game shows discipline, resolve and organisation. I’d happily watch us win every game 1-0, it’s the 4-4 or 3-3 draws and 6-3 losses that I can’t cope with.


That was an exciting game. I’ll take Howe as our next manager.


Simeone followed by Allegri would be my top 2 choices as things stand.


I wish I could super like this or something, it’s exactly how I feel.


Nailed it @Craigie


Still screaming Allegri and will be for a long time.


Linked heavy with Bayern and Real Madrid

No matter what, would be quite a coup to get him ahead of those clubs