Who would you like to replace Arsène Wenger?


Would be very very disappointed with Low, I’d stay far away from him until he’s proven at club level.


He’ll prove himself at us :muscle::muscle::muscle:


Wait till you guys start defending his ball scratching and sniffing behavior, then he is THE manager of Arsenal.


Low’s probably gonna end up masturbating under one of those massive jackets Wenger uses.


Already started mate.



75681 joined in on the fun :arteta:


Totally agree with this and with most of the things you’ve said but have to say there’s a lot of middle ground between us, or even watching Atlético and between watching Barça. It doesn’t have to be one or the other. Good managers can elicit organised and aesthetically pleasing football, and achieve results befitting the level of their squad. See: Pep, Klopp, Sampaoli, Tuchel, etc.

There’s no reason to settle for one or the other.


I wouldn’t want Allegri. All in all I wouldn’t want a negative coach. A mate of mine is a die-hard Juve fan and he is very anti Allegri. He thinks the foundations for his success with Juve were all laid down by Conte and he is reaping success on auto-pilot. I can see how he is influenced by his like for one and dislike for the other but he also has a point. Allegri reminds me too much of Wenger sometimes. He adopts the same defensive tactics against more pervasive and better ball-holding teams, which was fairly obvious yesterday. He is happy to absorb too much pressure which is no way to clash heads with the big boys, he makes the same stupid defensive substitutions to defend a lead by introducing a defender for a striker or attacking midfielder in the dying seconds instead of focusing on keeping the ball away from your own half which to me seems like the best way to make sure you don’t concede.


I still think Conte would do a good job here.
We need a manager that is going to get some discipline and organisation back into the team.

The mess Wenger is leaving is piling up, and the longer it goes on, and the longer he stays, the more expensive and difficult it is going to be to undo.

Make no mistake, we are in the biggest period of stagnation I can remember at the club, and the next manager is going to have to be of the highest quality.


Yeah, Allegri is very good, but not that great like Carlo.
What about Emery? Could be a very underrated manager.


I think Ancelotti would do a good job here.
He is well respected by the players and has managed at the top level for several different clubs.
He is the favourite but i can also see the club being interested in Leow, especially with the German connection of Mertesacker, Ozil, Mustafi, Aubameyang, and of course Sven being at the club.


I really don’t want Ancelotti. I know he has an impressive trophy count. But I think the club need to consider what direction they want to go in – is Ancelotti’s management style that different to Wenger’s? I want freshness, I want a new future – Ancelotti doesn’t scream those things.

Also, look at what happened at Bayern, and PSG to an extent. And doesn’t he have a bad rep when it comes to working with youth? Although he’s not yet 60, I still feel like his ideas are quite archaic. Real Madrid was really the last time he was impressive. I would rather take a risk on a smaller name, a younger manager who can bring that freshness we desperately need.


Eddie Howe? He’s worth considering as an outsider, risk type of option. Done a great job at Bournemouth without money. He’s got them from League 2 to the top half of PL. Quite young and has fresh ideas. Would be a risk but he could handle it


He doesn’t seem to be in the conversation anymore. He wouldn’t be my first choice, but i’m not against youth. I’d even add Nagelsmann to the wish list, despite him only being 30 – though it looks like Bayern are trying to snap him up.

I just want someone who’ll bring us back into the 21st century!


Eddie Howe is simply not qualified to be considered for the Arsenal job




Phil Neville


What about Ralph Hasenhuttl? He’s the coach at RB Leipzig. Maybe Sven has prior contact due to his career at BVB as a scout.

What worries me the most is that Stan will allow Arsene to have input on who we hire next. That would be an absolute disaster.


Eddie Howe has beat teams like Arsenal and Chelsea in the last month with much less expensive and quality squads, it’s a risk but he’s talented


Nagelsmann would be such an exciting choice imo, albeit depressing as I think I’m older than him :smile: