Who would you like to replace Arsène Wenger?


Calum has proven himself as the Scottish GFI don’t tempt him he just might do it.


One more year it is my prediction.


Really don’t know how you have came to that conclusion from my post tbh :confused:


Simeone only if he changes his style of football.


So what’s the point in giving it to a manager if you don’t like his style of football? That’s his strength.


True, though Simone is perfectly capable of adapting anyway.


I’d absolutely love Simeone. He’d easily get the best out of our players, plus he’s a pulling factor in himself.

As for tactics, no doubt he’s been shaped by his argentinian roots. I’ve read a bit about him recently and his style has been based in opposition of the old argentine tradition of La Nuestra.

But I think he’d be an improvement on what we have, and he’d certainly make us more competitive. We’ll have to wait at least a year though, even then I’m not sure if our board would even contemplate him.


He cost us the league in 2012. There was a game against fiorentina where he just lost all control and made terrible substitutions and at that moment we lost the league. I’ll never forget it. I don’t watch enough of Juve because it’s like people here going out of their way to watch manutd… if they win you’re just left disappointed. So I don’t know if allegri has evolved into someone better but that first league he won in 2010/11 was ibra, Thiago silvas, although I do have to thank him for kicking out pirlo who was a useless unmotivated greedy wanker.


I think most fans just want a bit of law and order. Love Arsene, but I think it’s important to have a big contrast coming in.

Simeone gets my choice - I was lucky enough to see Atleti v Valencia last year. Rumour that they play negative football is bollocks. He is adaptable for big matches, something I think we all want.


I’m not a fan of using the occasional mistake that he’s made, and use that as serious criticism of him. Especially not when those kinds of “mistakes”, are much down to guesswork. Every single manager out there is criticized for similar reasons. You lost a 1-0 lead because you dropped back too much? Well too bad, you should have kept on attacking. You lost a 1-0 lead because you kept on attacking? Should have dropped back :smiley: etc etc.

Milan conceded 24 goals during their title winning season. Are you trying to tell me that Thiago Silva and Ibra organized the team on the training ground too?

Anyway, I don’t know if he’s evolved into something else. Don’t know what the Italian Juve fans think of him, but at least on the Swedish Juve forums and occasionally elsewhere too, he seems to be someone who divides opinions.

Fans have some really unreasonable standards; That’s all I can think of when I read criticism of Enrique, Allegri and when Tuchel is seen as some kind of fraud.

Is Las Palmas at home (31 % possession) a big match too? :stuck_out_tongue:

I think there are two myths here: One is that he’s some kind of Pulis/hoofball manager. He isn’t.

The other equally annoying one, is that he’s sometimes described as being like Klopp/some kind of ultra-attacking manager whenever he isn’t playing against Barca, Real or Bayern.


For the ones who want Tuchel as Wenger’s successor… I want to ask, how much you know about Thomas Tuchel?
What has he done and achieved so that you want him that much?
How many of us had heard his name before he coach BVB? Was he a great coach with Mainz???

I am not saying he is a bad coach… but his resume is not really eye catching.
If we don’t need big names, there are many coaches in England, no need to go to Germany and get one.


He’s clearly a good successful manager but he needs to adapt his style of play as we have better attackers than Atletico.


Like whom? Howe? Not saying we should sign Tuchel.


Well personally Dortmund’s mid season league position does not factor in at all to my thinking that much.

The question is: What qualifies Tuchel for the Arsenal job in 17/18? I’m not sure why his name is even being mentioned at all tbh, less than 2 seasons at Dortmund simply isn’t enough to come to a definitive conclusion that he’d be able to take this club forward. Even now in his second season the after ‘new manager effect’ has worn off, are we seeing a truer reflection of his abilities? Been doing some reading and there are cracks appearing in his methods from man management to unnecessary tactical tinkering. It seems like he still has work to do at Dormund’s level.

Despite his lack of experience at the top level and his lack of palpable achievements. His style of football, although very entertaining to watch at times, is top heavy and overly attacking imo. It’s a aggressive style which I don’t think is sustainable across 4 competitions without decimating the squad through fatigue and injuries. Personally I’d prefer to move to a style that places emphasis on defensive solidarity, shape and rotation as the basis of the team.

Taking a chance on him seems like a very unnecessary risk when there are other managers out there who have achieved alot more and have proven their ability on a consistent basis over a longer period of time in their own domestic league and in Europe.

I don’t really buy that German second club/English fourth club thing either. Arsenal operates on a different level to Dortmund. I think the expectations and pressure are higher at Arsenal. If you look at the post Wenger context the demand for success is pretty high. I’m not saying he’s a bad coach but I feel he needs to prove himself on a consistent basis at Dortmund first before he’s even considered for one of the biggest jobs in club football.

For me the most important thing I look for in a manager is staying power and the ability to refresh and build a new squad, it’s something which requires alot of managerial skill to stay competitive at the highest level. I think some Arsenal fans have underrated Wenger’s work a bit, he may not be able to take us forward but consistently finishing top four in the PL is not easy. I think people underestimate the task at hand for the guy who takes over Wenger too.

Looking at things like availability and suitability - At this stage Simeone appears to be a very sensible choice, even though I have valid reservations about him his transferability to a club like Arsenal


I am not saying Howe or any specific manager.
Why Tuchel is so “special” that we have to get him from Germany but not trying to recruit locally in England?
Young (compare to Wenger) and upcoming managers, there are plenty. Why people suggested Tuchel, not a big name, not a trophy winning manager, not having a long and impressive resume and not even a “successful” manager we can say…

If you go for Ancelotti, Simeone, Pep… I understand. Tuchel, I do not.


To be fair they have a lot of new players to fit in. Dembele, Bartra, Rode, Mor, Guerreiro, Gotze, Schurrle and three of their core players left. I think his 3rd season will provide a better picture of his abilities. I agree though, Tuchel is probably to early in his career to consider as successor for Wenger.

But with that we pretty much scrap every young manager of the list of potential successors.


In that post my point wasn’t that Tuchel was special. Moreso the fact that I don’t believe the English football system can provide proper managers. With the whole reboot that happened in German Football 15 years ago one could argue younger German coaches might have more promise.


Interesting thing is I don’t think Tuchel had major say over some of those signings tbh. I think he’s someone whose subscribes to the head coach model (something which I’m not a fan of). Signing like Gotze, Bartra and Schurrle seem like they were made on board level. I wouldn’t want that at Arsenal

Well experience is pretty important - Guys like Rafa, Simeone and Emery their achievements speaks volumes about their ability, this in turn has an effect on the board and the squad.

Whereas with an inexperienced manager, I think guys like Howe and Tuchel would struggle with man management, they lack the stature and and recognition to earn respect as soon come in.


I’ve read your post to sevchenko…

Yes, they have a lot of new players, but overall their squad is so superior to all Bundesliga teams except Bayern. Reus, Auba, Gotze, Schurrle, Dembele, Rode, Weigl, Pulisic, Castro, Subotic, Papastathopou, Ginter, Schmelzer, Durm, Weidenfeller, Bender, Piszczek, Ramos… even over the prime Kagawa, Sahin and Weidenfeller… they are a team full of present and past international players, players that are famous. You can’t say they are a weak team.
If they are not as good as Bayern, this roster alone should guarantee a 2nd or 3rd place already.

If you want another not so old solid German coach, I suggest Peter Stöger. He is doing a pretty good (IMO) job at Köln. They are a mid table tight budget youth team and doing good this season. The only name(s) you may have heard of is/are Jonas Hector, senior German international, and Timo Horn (German Olympic team keeper).


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