Who would have Klopp instead of Wenger?


So desperate.


I dont want to hear any guff from you Esteban.


He isnt wrong though tbh.


He absolutely isn’t.


How is he not?

Klopp doesn’t have nearly the talent available to him as we do, yet his team is doing similarly in the league and has played better football throughout the majority of the season…

They’ve lost Mané to the AFCON and it’s seriously affected them, which shows just how paper thin their depth is (as if it really needed demonstrating, just compare the two squads and you’ll see which one is far superior on paper)…how would we be doing if we lost Alexis for a significant of time?

Like I said, desperate.


Not getting into the debate of Klopp vs. Arsenal b/c I think there are too many factors making it a really hard comparison. Having said that, ACuellar is correct in that we have a superior first team and a far superior squad.


You used to say stuff like this in defense of Wenger so lol.


Here’s a quote from a famous yankee bard for you, Curt:

“Consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.”

One learns and one gives their opinion based on new realities. :slight_smile:


Ok so I’ll wait a couple years tell u sour on klopp.


Would Wenger get the same out of that Liverpool side that Klopp has so far? Doubtful.

A lot are rushing to rag on Klopp but lets not act like Wenger hasn’t been fallible in similar circumstances and he’s had vastly superior squads, in Klopps case Mane was out who is instrumental and Coutinho is still finding his way back.

I question his decision to sell Sakho who is their best defender and persisting with Klavan who is not up to playing for a side with anything kind of serious ambition.

If next season Liverpool are still as they are now and need to score first with a poor defence then I’ll gladly say Klopp is is not as good as some think he is.


You know better than anyone not to apply the ‘performed while missing key players’ argument AGAINST Wenger. Our injury record combined with our inept transfer strategy makes that abundently clear.

I suppose mentioning Barcelona and City poaching our key players year after year over the last decade might also have slipped your mind.

Klopps brand of football is great, his team still needs work, however he is achieving some great results. Yes, we all know that.

However none of that changes that a4tt is right. Furthermore; if our team collapsed in the same way Liverpools have done simply for losing Sadio fucking Mane, there would be uproar, and rightly so.


Liverpool’s problem’s go a little deeper than the loss of one player.

This Liverpool side is number one in the league for distance covered and sprints, it’s no surprise when it comes to a congested period like January their players look burnt out suffering from fatigue and as a result their attacking their moves have become aimless and ponderous possession based probes on the edge of the opposition box instead of Klopp’s trademark incisive and direct counter attacking football the hipsters have come to love.

When the composition of the squad beyond the first 11 is already poor you don’t need a genius to see how that’ll affect performances of the already over relied upon first 11. The buck stops with Klopp ultimately, if the squad poor why not buy in Jan? You telling me there’s no players out there who could improve this Liverpool side available in jan?

And before anyone comes out with all that BS about January premiums and the rising costs of transfer fees etc Liverpool are not a poor club, they’ve never been afraid in the past to spend big and their operating a -£14M net spend currently. Money is there and when CL football, which is vital to making progress, is at stake why not spend?

Would I take Klopp instead of Wenger, no. Klopp continues to exhibit traits that you’d expect of early Emirates Wenger. Such as being too dogmatic with his ideals, lacking in a tactical plan B, trusting in average players, aversion to the Jan window, overplaying, ridiculous statements in the press and maybe too egotistical where as Wenger evolved 2013 onward and become slightly more pragmatic in his management even though he still has plenty of flaws.


I find the attempt to get on Klopp’s back in such a relatively short timeframe, as a means of somehow modifying Wenger’s record for the better, more than a little disturbing. :laughing: But pray continue.


Wenger over Klopp after last night’s game?


Klopp might not be better than Wenger but he has proved, with less talented players and very few players good enough to get into our first team, that he is at least on a par with him.

But even if he took over and only got us the fourth place trophy as usual, at least it would be different.
Just watching the same mistakes being made every season, with same players repeating those mistakes, and the same manager making the same tired excuses, is all too predictable.


Well, Klopp is on an awful run of form, tbf. He is a guy with a very expensive style of play.


To say Klopp really “better” than Wenger, I will not.
To say Wenger is “better” than Klopp, I can’t see how.
If Klopp is around Wenger’s level… I don’t see why not trying Klopp but rather keep the same old same old.
At least you can expect Klopp’s team will “fight” for most (if not all) games, and give you exciting moments.


Anyone picking a manager based on one game, in a sport thats already unpredictable, is crazy and shout be locked up.


The whole discussion was started long time ago, not after last night’s game.
Klopp/Liverpool lost a couple of games and people not wanting him… reaction after a couple of games…
then I just want to see the reaction of Arsenal losing to WATFORD.

There was/is not conclusion at all.


Ah sorry i missunderstood the context. :slight_smile: