Who would have Klopp instead of Wenger?


I’d have anyone instead of Wenger right now.


Excellent idea, lets see if Christian Gross is available…:confused:


Kinda ironic this thread was bumped recently because of Klopp’s poor run, and yet we’ve managed to lose twice in a week once again. Arsene is no better than Klopp really.


Can’t agree more.
Really want people to tell me how Wenger is better than Klopp recently?? How?
He got more money/resources, he got a better squad, he got the unlimited support from the board, but Arsenal is NOT playing better (overall, not just limited to points only) at all.


I do laugh a little when someone bumps this thread because of a recent Klopp struggle as if Wenger won’t be guilty of the same if not worse a couple games later.

Which as you say is worse as he has the superior squad, more money and control.


And just as you say so they lose 2-0 to Hull :+1:

I guess both are no miracle workers.


Losing to Watford at home is far far worse than them losing to Hull away.


Well, this guy is yet to win in the league in 2017 :arteta:


Not really. One is stuck in the relegation battle (Hull) and one is sitting mid table (Watford). Not that either of those results should really happen though.


Can’t disagree



Still better than Wenger


Nah uh.


Relegation form.


He’s much better at being goofy and cringe worthy on the sidelines though I’ll give you that much.


I really wish we got to see Klopp at City tbh.


Klopp is like a walking Sanchez dog banner. It would be hilarious to see him manage here and see the outrage from the Arsenal fanatics.


I would prefer to see Allardyce or Pardew at Arsenal instead of Klopp, seriously.


Klopp has really struggled as of late and weaknesses are showing, it will still be interesting to see if he can finish higher than Wenger with a squad that would only have 3 players starting in the Arsenal 11 though.