Who would have Klopp instead of Wenger?


Last 8 games, 1 win (V Plymouth 3rd FA Cup), lost 3 on trot at home, 2 in domestic cups leaving them, in January, with only a outside chance at the league…

No thanks.


People are being harsh on Kloop.
Liverpool are only gonna get better under him, but not so soon.


Wenger’s never lost against lower league opposition in the FA cup.


When was the last time we lost 3 in a row at home?


We lost to Blackburn (FA Cup) in 2013, when they were in Championship


February/March 2016… Barcelona, Swansea, Watford (CL, PL, FA Cup)


Today was a bad look for Klopp and Liverpool. Wolves fully deserved the result and were comfortable up until the 86th minute Origi goal. Even after that, Wolves had a great chance to score when their lump up front decided to solo dribble the whole scouse defence haha.

Will be interesting to see what response Klopp now gets from his team as their January has been more November than the most Arsenal of Novembers.


This thread is now just being used as a Klopp thread would it not make sense to rename this thread to Jurgen Klopp and move it to english football?


This motherfucker’s after my job


your job’s safe :kissing_heart: I never want to become a moderator lol


Or is it because as time goes by this opinion of yours here looks more and more stupid? :joy:



Still take Klopp over Wenger :slight_smile:


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I never want to become a moderator lol
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Yea you ingrate


The problem with Klopp is that his style is too expensive. We wouldn’t last the whole season.


Don’t touch my thread mother fuckers.

The question still stands, be interested to know if people still want Klopp…


Rename the thread Stevie Bould or Wenger…:sunglasses:


Did you mean to say ‘expensive’ there or ‘expansive’? Genuine question, I feel either word would fit but just give the sentence different meanings.


I really like Klopp, and I’d hate to shit on him but his resume isn’t as good as Wenger and I think we’ve seen this year why the WOB, who’ve bigged Klopp up so much, would be a miserable bunch had he taken over here.


First time I’ll probably ever agree with you. I won’t be making a habit of it though lol