Who will win the Premier League 2016/17 season?


More competitive does not mean stronger league, or do you need me to put up English and Spanish clubs performances in European competition over the last 5 years ? Because I will if you want. Barca, Real and Atletico would have finished top 3 in the EPL over the last 3 seasons also and made a mockery of the Premier League.


Well the discussion was about competition & highlighting that the league is not filled with pushovers like it is for Barca/Real/Bayern/PSG.

You can have the strongest league but if it doesn’t provide competitive seasons, then what’s the point?


I suppose La Liga has been more competitive when it comes to deciding the title as the points margin shows it often comes down to the final day, the Premier League is simply closer between say 8th and 2nd etc because no one has been much good. lol. ( Hence no English club has been a serious threat in European competition for 3-4 years)


What La Liga & Bundesliga have is best of players are currently plying in those leagues and within few clubs.
Hence they do well in Europe.

Money within PL has not translated into influx of better players for clubs competing in Europe.

Barca-Real-Bayern alone have i think 8-9 players out of current world 11.


Impossible, as Chelsea have already 43. Need only 37 points in 21 games now.


This is the favourite excuse who Conte loves to attract more compliments. Chelsea have Courtois, Azpilicueta, Matic, Kantè, Fabregas, Costa, Hazard, Pedro, Willian, Oscar, Michy, many great players.


Anyone still living in the land of delusion thinking we can compete/ win the Title ?


NO, NOW JUST SHUt THE FUCK UP! You have broken the balls!


At least we didn’t bottle it this year. We’re just not good enough.


Not Arsenal anyway


Even with a win today we weren’t getting anywhere near that title. Today just confirms it. Need to look over our shoulder now though - which is the frustrating thing! As usual, the title race is now a race to the top 4. So tedious.


If we didn’t win it last season we weren’t going to win it again under Wenger, it really is as simple as that.

It doesn’t matter who the personnel are, this club has huge issues from top to bottom.

Talk of winning the title is continually a fantasy…that’s the hallmark of Wenger’s latter reign as manager of this club.


Are they mutually exclusive?


This time they are.


Yeah. Nah. Not us.


It’s still mathematically possible for us.


But tactically impossible for sure.


Yep :smile: never give up my belief in things that make me happy; and if it doesn’t happen, then oh well.


It’s still mathematically possible for Swansea.


Mathematically possible for any team to win it, so it proves the league doesn’t finish in December like most are suggesting.