Who will win the Premier League 2016/17 season?


6 times…In a three month period…


It looks 6 times, but that’s 6 times travelling, that many days of not playing because you are traveling.

It looks 6 times but it affects 8-9 games around those 6 times.
Which means you are rotating for 8-9 games whereas Chelsea, Liverpool can play their best team in those games.

For someone who realises how important every point is, you sure like to dismiss importance of getting to play your best team in every match.

That’s 8-9 games out of 17 played so far.
I say that’s very significant impact.


I keep hearing this bullshit that teams have won despite being in Europe.

Yes they have won because those teams have contention from other teams who are also in Europe.
PL had big 4 clubs who all won despite being in Europe because they all were in Europe.

That scenario has changed since Liverpool came out. They finally got their act together and almost won the league in Suarez’s last season.
How did they manage to contend because they had no Europe, else they had no quality in their side to compete on all fronts.

Another reason why it matters for Chelsea is because they have a squad built to compete in all fronts but now are resigned to win PL.
That makes a huge difference. They are now in even better situation than Liverpool.

And this is not something I am saying because they are doing well.
I predicted this at start of this thread.


Can you list the same point gap for other leagues?


Ooh news to all of us :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But your agument falls down because Liverpool didn’t win the league. And aside from probably Kante, Chelsea have the same team as last season


Yeah Liverpool are crap.
Don’t let last season make you think they have suddenly lost Costa, Hazard, Willian, Matic, Fabregas, Azpilicueta etc.
Players who won Chelsea the PL before last season and are still young.
Last season was all Mourinho throwing his players under the bus.


So are you just anti Mourinho then?


Everyone should be. Why did you ask?


Well I’m anti man united. Mourinho is the bonus.


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12/13 Barca by 15 points, 13/14 Atletico by 3 points, 14/15 Barca by 2 points & 15/16 Barca by 1 point.

Juve by 4,9,17,17 & 9 the last 5 seasons.


Now I will give you a different perspective. How much was point gap between Barca-Real Duo & next best team

2010-11 : Real(2nd) at 92 & Valencia 3rd at 71. 21 points.
2011-12 : Barca(2nd) at 91 & Valencia 3rd at 61. 30 points
2012-13 : Real 2nd at 85 & A.Madrid 3rd at 76. 9 points. Barca at 100, so A.Madrid were 24 points behind the winner.
2013-14 : A. Madrid won. Next best behind Barca-Real Duo. Atletic 17 points behind
2014-15 : Real 2nd at 92. A.Madrid at 78. 14 points behind
2015-16 : Top 3 within 3 points, so fair play. Next best still 24 points behind.

So out of last 6 seasons, 4 times Barca-Real duo had literally no competition as per your own method. That League is just not competitive beyond those two in terms of title contention. Until recently no one would even bet on any other than those two.
It is really a Spanish version of Scottish league, dominated by Rangers & Celtic.

Whereas PL has atleast 3 clubs in Chelsea, United & City who consistently compete for league with Arsenal thrown in middle a few seasons.
Next best after top two
2010-11 : Zero Points. City 3rd level on points with Chelsea 2nd. both 71 points, 9 behind the leaders.
2011-12 : Arsenal 3rd behind leaders 19 points behind
2012-13 : Chelsea 3 points behind and Arsenal 5points behind City at 2nd place.
2013-14 : Chelsea 2points behind and Arsenal 5 points behind Liverpool at 2nd place
2014-15 : Arsenal 4 points behind and UNited 9 behind City at 2nd place
2015-16 : Spurs 1 point behind & City 5 behind Arsenal at 2nd place.

La Liga has seen Barca, Real & only once A. Madrid as winner of La Liga in that period. ONly those 3 competed.
PL has CIty, Chelsea, United, Leicester win the title.
United, CIty, CHelsea, Spurs, Arsenal, Liverpool, Leicester…That’s 7 clubs who have competed for title and 4-5 of those teams compete every season.

So which league is more competitive?

No need to even bother with Bayernleague.