Who will be the next manager?


Just doesn’t seem right when ppl call him “Rodgers” :grimacing:





He is not leaving the Champions League for the Europa League.


While Koeman is Koeman, Conte is Conte and Wenger is most definitely Wenger, Brendan is just, well…Brendan. Always has it been thus? :ok_hand:


Well it’s better than Merson’s suggestion that we should go after Sean Dyche… But neither are the type of manager we should be aiming for. Rodgers has never been bad as such, but when he was at Liverpool he had one of the best players in the world at his disposal!

I know we’re all desperate to get rid of Wenger, but, despite the jokes about “anyone being better than Arsene” that isn’t really the the truth. I’d have more faith in Wenger still being able to attract the talent and keeping the likes of Özil than Brendan Rodgers!


If you think he’s turning down Arsenal to remain at Celtic then you have completely lost it.


I don’t think the coach makes the biggest difference tbh. Players want the club, the money or maybe the project. The coach maybe if they’re a specialist, like you’re a midfielder who wants to play under Guardiola (I think Wenger used to be the specialist for giving U21s top level game time). Hazard signed for Di Matteo, Coutinho and Sturridge signed for Rodgers, Lukaku and Mata signed for Villas Boas.

When has Wenger ever attracted players anyway? Sanchez picked Arsenal over Liverpool, I doubt he picked Wenger over Rodgers. Same for Suarez I’m guessing. Ozil it sounds like there wasn’t a big bidding war among the elites and Madrid wanted him out so we’ll never know if he actually picked us or just accepted a transfer out of a club that wanted to replace him.


Tbf it was Rodgers who got the best out of him at Liverpool. Over 30 goals the season they went for the league.
Hadnt come close to that before while he was there.
Scored a 100 goals that season too spread through out the team.
Gave Stirling his break into top flight football and helped turn Coutinhio into a very good player too imo.
Got his faults but not as bad choice as some portray him for me.


You think Ibrahimovic or Pogba would have signed under Moyes?

While Wenger has definitely fallen when it comes to drawing power on the market there is no way the club could sell a player like Özil any kind of future with someone like Brendan Rodgers as the manager.


Bergkamp signed for Bruce Rioch


George Burley gave Gareth Bale his break in top flight football, perhaps we should hire him then?


At the time of the Bergkamp signing it didn’t matter that much though as information was spare. Going from what is written in his book it doesn’t seem like he really cared that much or even bothered to know who the manager was at the time, but that it was all pretty much done by his agent by the time he arrived in London. I don’t think that’s really comparable to today’s football where all the information you need is only a click away.


He gave him his break at 17 for Liverpool and the lad was a big part of why Liverpool nearly won the league was the point.
You dont rate him fine but him or Wenger id take it.


I think in this situation with a lower key manager the club just has to up its game.
Money is always the main factor imo. Only really have to look at city for that.
Im not sure Pellergrinni although decent was a must play for coach for certain of their top players at the time of signing.


It’s not that I don’t rate him, I just think he is at his level and we should be aiming higher. He’s also a bit of a joke in football, not someone I’d want associated with my club.

Our fan base has lowered its expectations so much. Last season everyone was raving about Simeone, now they’d take Brendan flaming Rodgers.


The problem we have got due to persevering with Wenger for 3 or 4 years to long is that we have gone into decline while others have improved and our stocks lower.
We missed the boat when Ancelotti, Klopp and Pep all made it known they were available.


They played for the league title at the time and Pellegrini’s signing were rather underwhelming as a whole anyway, until they decided to sign KDB and Sterling, both coming from lower clubs.

Sure, Arsenal could just throw money at the problem but there’s honestly not going to be a huge edge by the club when doing so. We’ll need more than being Arsenal to attract anything worthwhile on the current market to compete.


Just like our fan base has lowered its expectations to the point they are happy if Sanchez is sold, as long as its abroad and not to Chelsea.


You could say that weve only had being Arsenal for the last 3 or 4 years though.
The myth of top 4 and Wenger hasnt really been a deciding factor in players wanting to come here.
I know a manager is slightly different to a player but Liverpool were able to attract Klopp.
History alone wont have been his deciding factor would it.