Who will be the next manager?


Maybe Donald Trump would make a good Football manager?

He gets straight to the his point and seems he can lift up the spirits of his team…

Financially, he’s a business man.

Tactically, not sure but you never know.


It was a joke :wink:


It’s almost impossible to know with you lol


I think Rodgers is quite underrated now. He put together a great season in 13/14, plays good football, gets his team pressing high and motivated his players.

I do they’re Man United FFS. The problem Moyes had was his lack of connections and the fact the board thought they didn’t need to spend big amounts but he did manage to sign Mata.

Liverpool haven’t managed to get top players with Klopp either, they’ve just lost out on Dahoud who’s going to Dortmund and they’re still buying Southampton players.


Being underrated as a manager and being someone players actually want to play under are different things though. No talking in the world will make Rodgers suddenly become a Mourinho or Guardiola or even a Wenger as far as selling dreams (well, dunno in the case of Wenger) and convincing players to stay goes. Maybe if he was given the chance at a big club and his methods and how he had them play showed through it would change, but right now I have my doubts.

Of course they are ManUtd and the drawing power as being the biggest club in the world won’t go away, but ultimately star players are still playing under managers and it’s very hard to believe that a successful manager doesn’t mean more when it comes to signing those than someone who is still unknown. The prospect of playing at ManUtd with Mourinho as the manager is different to having Moyes as the manager.


I think BR is a good coach tbh but his brand of football definitely is something don’t want to see post Wenger plus the man is slightly deluded



He has an ego comparable with Mourinho’s.

He is a good manager but surely we should be aiming for the best.


that would be a really weird thing to make up. Rodgers is certainly a knob but I kinda doubt that he made that up and that that’s not just a Rangers fan having a go on him on twitter because he can.

Anyways, Rodgers > Wenger, but better options out there, and we need better if we’re to compete with the other managers in our league going forward.


Rodgers most certainly does not > Wenger, sir.


Yes, I’m pretty sure he would be a better manager for Arsenal, but like I said, not enough.


What leads you to such a conclusion?


:arteta: that is hilarious.

Would never happen, people would kill the both of them for holding us up in the Clyde Tunnel.

It never gets that backed up that traffic comes to a standstill for more than a couple seconds. Even in rush hour.

On to the topic, if Howe and Koeman are mentioned, no reason why Brentan isn’t either.


Should have put a smile in the end :wink:


What if there was an accident?


What kind of Rangers supporter would say that.

It’s like an arsenal supporter going up to Pochettino in a traffic jam and saying, “Thanks for going to spurs and making them better than us, I hope you finish above us for the first time since the invention of the internet, you’re a breath of fresh air. Keep up the good work.”

Rodgers has the ego the size of Saturn and an imagination to go with it.


Well I would have known if an accident held up the clyde tunnel for a time long enough for this fan to say that.

It would make the local or even national news, as it being one of the only (probably main along with the Kingston Bridge) crossings between the 2 sides of Glasgow being shut.


I’m gutted :santi:


Of course, Celtic are winners compared to us :wink:


The ever reliable Marca…


According to Balague (lol) he is or was favourite for the Barcelona job, I know nothing else about him.