Who will be the next manager?


Yeah we haven’t got that much going for us financially when you see Chelsea and Spurs both getting new stadiums (or extensions) to match our capacity and making bigger and better sponsorship deals as well etc.


I can’t believe Spurs have bigger sponsorship deals than us


Have they? Since When?


I was wondering the same. A quick Google suggests they are getting 25m a year off nike next season and the current shirt sponsor is paying 16m a year…


we are on 30m and with a renewal soon also so ours SHOULD go up!


With the shambolic state of our play who knows if we will get a bigger deal :joy:


Manu got a bigger deal when they have been dogshit, it is not so much how well we play its about the size of fanbase etc and how marketable the brand is…and whether we are dire or not still very marketable


Both going to Nike…leave the door open for us to go to Adidas…Bruised bannana anyone.?


Are we getting sleeve sponsorship?



Think our deal runs out 18/19


omg I would lose my shit if they remade that kit, if done right it’d be the first current shirt I’ve bought in years


Just a prediction: it’s gonna be Tuchel. Young, cheap and would allow the board not to spend that much in the end. Basically, a young Wenger.


Apparently not.


Charlie Nicholas wouldn’t be opposed to having Brendan Rodgers…


Brendan has not lost a league game all season, so don’t see why he should be discounted tbh


Hes not top of anybodys list but if your prepared to consider Koeman as some are he can be put on that list.


I thought he did a very good job at Swansea, a good job at Liverpool and I guess this is a good job at Celtic (?). He’s still a young coach and capable of playing football too. I think he’s a bit of a plonker but I don’t think fans of any team should be upset if he turns up at your club.


Rodgers would not be my first choice but I’d take him over Wenger. His teams play attractive football, he’d bring in some new ideas, and he’d clear out the deadwood.

He came off like a fool at times at Liverpool but the harsh reality is that his 13-14 club was probably better than any team Wenger has managed since the Invincibles. And while things fell apart for him afterward, he was dealt a difficult hand in many respects, with Suarez leaving, Sterling forcing an exit, and Sturridge perpetually injured.


Tbf this is the first time Celtic have proper Bayern’d the league. They’ve been really impressive playing some great football.

So Rodgers has done very well. Got 4 points of City in the CL aswell.

He won’t be leaving Celtic anytime soon though as you can see he properly loves being the manager ot Celtic.


I’ve never been more than mildly impressed with Rodgers. Plus he’s the sporting world’s equivalent to David Brent. Do not want at all.