Where are you going on holiday?


So get married soon :wink:




My plan for my honeymoon (if I have one :see_no_evil:) is South Africa for a week - was thinking of Cape Town for a couple of days and then maybe wine tasting somewhere followed by a safari for a few days. And then fly to Mauritius for a week for some relaxation. A bit of everything. But obviously depends on your interests/budget etc.


Jake already suggested Cuba but I personally think the Dominican Republic is the better option in the Caribbean. I haven’t been personally even though I had the chance but friends of mine went there and said they had a blast. The beaches are great they said and it was really cheap. Given that they booked from the US but still it should be considerably cheaper than anything in the Indian Ocean in my opinion. I also think culturally it is much more interesting to explore than the Indian and you are less likely to get bored.

I have friends who went to Bally and they were very disappointed. If you are decided to go to the Indian my suggestion is to go to Bora Bora as I have heard positive reviews.

If you are not adamant on going to a golden sands beachy island and if you are up for some exploring, an unpopular suggestion I can make is Chatham, Massachusetts. I have lived there for a little while and it is a cosy, kind of secluded place that hosts a lot of weddings so has a romantic vibe around it. The beaches aren’t spectacular and it will be kind of boring probably but feels right for a honeymoon as I imagine you are not aiming at partying. You can take a boat and do some whale-watching in the region of Nantucket and if you are lucky you might spot a great white as they are common around there. The cuisine is also nice and I can tip you some great places to do your dining.

Also Boston is really close and you can spend some time in the city as well.


Mexico or Cuba sounds pretty good.

South America would be interesting if you wanted somewhere a little different, but I guess for a honeymoon it may not be the best option.


Bali. I went there on my honeymoon last year and it’s the best place me and my wife have been to. The Balinese are very humble and caring people, very hospitable. The island itself is awesome; South I think has loads of beaches (and tends to be more tourist infested) however, the central to northern areas are surrounded by lush green landscapes, mountains, rice fields, lakes, temples and so forth.

I think we enjoyed it partly because of how awesome the landscape was but because it didn’t have the feel of somewhere cosmopolitan like western Europe tends to be endowed with. Polar opposites which was a really fresh thing to experience, especially after getting married.

Then you come back to London… haha :facepalm:


Vietnam. My cousins go regular love the place one even got married out there…

Seems flights are seperate on these deals…always read the small print.


I did throw Cuba out there but it didn’t tickle her fancy. And she threw Bali at me, but I’m not all that interested in Bali.

It’s going to take a bit more time I suppose.

Doing my stag in Prague though. Wanted to go back to Vegas but now all of my groomsmen could afford it.

How’s Prague for a stag location?


Went Prague back in 2012. Lovely place and plenty of drinking spots and few clubs. Genuinely one of the best city breaks Ive ever had. We went on a bar crawl that happened to have 50 yanks (all women bar a few) that joined in who were together travelling through Europe which made it epic.


Cocos Islands (http://www.cocoskeelingislands.com.au) and Christmas Island to see the Red Crab Migration:


Hah my friend might have his stag in Prague aswell!


Off to Ibiza end of June :slight_smile:


I’m going to Slovenia in the summer


Going to NZ in 24 hours.


Enjoy yourself mate!


Thanks mate, just hired and car and driving around the North Island for a week. Only a 4 hour flight which when your leaving Australia is about as good as it gets haha.


Im going to China next month, i will spende a day in amsterdan then to hong kong, after i finish business matters i will have 4 days off in Asia, based on recommendation i thiink i will visit Vietnam, i wanted to go to japan but lots of comments of how overrated it is and that is extremely expensive, seoul and malasya seems nice too.

Although China is big enough to visit many cities in those days. I need to make a decision by end of month on where to spend those 4 days.


Huka Falls and Views off our Balcony in Acacia Bay


Huka Falls won’t upload ATM, sorry people.


That looks lush Aussie, beaut view.

I’m off to Athens in a couple weeks for my best mates Stag do.

Cannot wait, we could go out in fucking Bradford and still have a sick time so going to Athens is going to be a laugh. We’re trying to get tickets to AEK Athens vs Panathanaikos as well (get your riot gear out boys)