Where are you going on holiday?


I’m taking it, don’t worry :stuck_out_tongue:




I’m disappointed Doc


Hey come on now. I went with the most iconic one. :slight_smile:

But, Alas…The last one I know of… :slight_smile:


Last 3 pictures from Austria: Styria and Worthersee.


Off to Perranporth in Cornwall tomorrow for a long weekend.

Will try and get a few pics posted on here once im back




My view over the weekend whilst enjoying a few beers


Going to Wien for Easter! Just amazing! Need to visit it more than the last time :smiley:


Go on the big wheel and take pictures.



Hope so :smiley:


Heading to NZ for a week next Friday, will be nice having the week off work.


Need good suggestions for the honey moon lol


Are you after you typical sort of honeymoon ? Beachside romantic etc?


Right now I’m open to any suggestion really. Just has to have nice weather in late August times.


What about something like Italy, Croatia or Greece ? Maybe Hawaii but that’s probably a stretch in terms of travel distance.


I’d rather leave Europe TBH with you mate. The main suggestions so far are Maldives and Mauritius.


Cuba or New Zealand? They’re two countries the gf and I have in mind for a honeymoon one day (she likes talking about these things :sweat_smile:)