Where are you going on holiday?


Enjoy mate you blokes should run amok.


Amazing! Wow!


Not a holiday but going to Newcastle for my birthday in May.

We’re also doing a tour of St James Park since its very close to our hotel and a pub lunch in the bar inside the stadium


I’m off to the Algarve golfing with the lads at the end of April for 4 days.

I will be there for the North London Derby :slight_smile:


Thats probably a good thing mate


Going to the Cinque Terre region in Italy at the end of May. Hoping I can snap some amazing shots like this one.


Thats just been on tv Michael Portillo


Austria really is a wonderful country :giroud2:


Be sure to say hello to @PPB while you’re there :per:




What kinda things you getting up to in your time over there mate? If you head over towards Spielberg, you could check out the Arnold Schwarzenegger museum :poldi:


I am now going to Prater :slight_smile:. Didn’t know about that museum :mustafi:


The Schwarzenegger museum is close to Graz and not Vienna.

@Luca_from_Italy where did you get that drink?


Rochus. Really cool pub!


Ah ok. Never been there, but heard about it. Have fun in Vienna. Would meet up, but I’m not around. Same as the last time you were there :smiley:


Guess i am coming back again in the future so there is still plenty of time to meet up :wink:


Perranporth last week


Fucking love Kernow


St James Park


Has anyone been to the Costa Brava before in Spain?

Looking for a cheap week getaway in the sun. Been on too many City breaks lately.