What was the last film you watched?


Glad ur back man, there was nobody to get gay with in mdc. Kinda made me sad :sob:


Were you drunk when you wrote this? :mustafi:


The Great Wall 5/10

What a load of shite. Clearly Matt Damon did this film just for the cash. I bet he won’t even remember making this in a few years time.

Interstellar 9/10

Hadn’t watched this in a few years. Great film. Some scenes were a bit too slow but overall still a masterpiece.


Arlington Road (1999)

Jeff Bridges plays Michael Faraday, the husband of a deceased FBI agent. The movie opens up as he saves the life of a young boy, the son of his new neighbours - a friendly couple with a lot of gratitude for what he did. Faraday struggles with life after his wife’s death and so does his son. While trying to balance life out between work, his new girlfriend, his son and his own problems, Faraday starts to suspect his neighbour is not who he appears to be.

Quite a good thriller that I hadn’t seen or heard of. Also stars Tim Robbins as Bridges’ antagonist. The strongest feature of the film is that it takes its time to develop the characters and the plot, so there is plenty of detail and background to get you into the story. The movie runs for almost 2 hours but it’s never dull and always captivating for the viewer. The ending was rather unconventional and satisfying to me at least but might not appeal to some who seek closure.


Nice summary :thumbsup:

I also saw it because I stumbled upon it on the box, I’ll watch almost anything with Jeff Bridges in it, so throw in Tim Robbins as the antagonist and a thriller plot line and I’m definitely interested.

It’s a pretty underrated film imo, nobody ever really talks about it. Definitely worth watching.


Thought you might like it knowing you are a fan of the dude.

Agreed it’s rather underrated. Scores 7.2 on IMDB but only from 70K voters, if that number rises I feel the rating might move up towards an 8, although the ending will probably make a lot of soft souls rate it low.


The Interview. Not everyone’s cup of tea but I find the film hysterical.


How was it? I am quite interested in seeing this.


A decent film, standard court drama set apart by the subject matter, wont win any awards, How anyone can deny what happened is beyond me. (My uncle was a 19 year old lorry driver when he went into Belson, Some of the pictures he took are harrowing)…Timothy Spall steals the film as David Irving… Someone you’d really like to smack in the gob…

this is probably one of the few i can post…
The Beast of Belson


Bleed for this…

The inspirational story of World Champion Boxer Vinny Pazienza who, after a near fatal car crash which left him not knowing if he’d ever walk again, made one of sport’s most incredible comebacks.

good film and good performances… 8/10


I’m serious get ready for some hard core cyber sex in mdc this weekend baby. :woj:


Fifty Shades Darker

AVOID THIS. Worst film I have ever seen. Dear lord what


You should be ashamed to even have spent money on this. Even if it’s with the lady, there are times when a man has to stick up for what is good and right. You let us all down, man! :disappointed:


Rom-coms are my guilty pleasure and not even I’ve seen those. (Nor Twilight!) :joy:


Those books are also amongst the worst ever written! Not sure I’d want to watch the films even if I was being paid, but thanks for the warning :grin:


Bad enough you watched it mate, you deffo shouldn’t have admitted to doing so on here. :grimacing:


You utter fucking gayboy.


I thought it was good tbh.


Given your sadomasochistic desire to see Wenger continue to be our manager I’m not surprised to hear that your kink extends to other areas of your life


I liked the spanking part.