What was the last film you watched?


Hacksaw Ridge. Brilliant.


Thought Hacksaw was a tad shite if I’m honest.


_Ran _ 1985 Japanese film by Akira Kurosawa.

Brilliant, especially the battle sequences, and entire last 30 minutes.


Nightmare on Säbener Straßa…


Great film.


Last night I saw Nocturnal Animals, starring Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal.

The movie itself wasn’t anything much. It did enough to make you watch and not fall asleep even though it is a little bit slow (I saw it in bed and I guess I would’ve fallen asleep if I was bored). I guess it was OK but lacked an element of greatness. It was well directed and what it did well was play to your senses through music, scenery and the general mood it perpetuated.

I read a review that said the movie was an assault on ones senses, in a positive way. I kind of agree. Especially in the beginning, maybe the first half hour or so. I mean the story is sort of interesting. Very interesting in the beginning, then it loses it’s mark. But the gritty, dark mood in which the story runs is really influential. So speaking of the beginning of the film, which is the reason I decided to write about this movie here, the opening credits of the film is the single most disturbing, gross piece of cinematic art I have ever witnessed, haha. I really don’t know whether to recommend seeing it or not.


I’m going to see The Great Wall, although I’m quite a fan of many of his movies and rate him as one of the better actors of his generation. I think he’s made some great movie choices thus far, even if Bourne maybe went one film too far.

So a bit worried about the silliness value of him fighting CG monsters in China, but we’ll see


Lego Batman Movie…Loved it!


My daughter took the childminding kids to see that today…

Last night i watched…Bit of a session…
Dr Strange… I like marvel and thought this one of the best…nice watch and great special effects… Good cast…

Hacksaw ridge…should win some awards… Great battle scenes…legend of a man…

Underworld blood wars…same ol same ol…

Bad santa 2, sick as fuck…


How was it? It’s got shit reviews. Not sure Zhang Yi Mo has made a good film in years. This one looks like its possibly his dumbest.

I’ve just watched Kurosawa’s Throne of Blood, which I surprisingly didn’t like all that much. Brilliantly filmed, but for me the characters were too thinly sketched to really make an impact. I also watched Drunken Angel, another film by Kurosawa, which I really liked. None of this is directed specifically to you though, Robin.

So how was Great Wall?


Come What May (2015)

A German man living in France with his son having escaped the Nazi regime is wrongly sent to prison on suspicion of espionage. When the Nazis invade Northern France, he is released and goes in search of his son. His son having been looked after by the local schoolmistress has left their village along with everyone else in search of safety in the south.

Network (1976)

A US news network exploits a legendary news anchor after he goes deranged on air and it becomes it’s an unexpected hit.

:+1::+1: Never seen it before. Thought it was really good!


I loved Network when I stumbled across it, it’s particularly prescient when you look at Glenn Beck at his most deranged and unhinged.


Just sat through half hour of Allied… Fuck me if it went any slower id see myself going past me…


Went to see Sing today. Usually just have to endure these for my daughter, but thought it was really good.
Some great characters by animation standards anyway.


The Sun by Alexandr Sokurov. It’s a biopic about the last days of the Japanese Emperor at the end of WW2. Its mostly outstanding, just let down by the low budget in the middle where the film presumably couldn’t afford or find actual Americans to play the Americans, and so the GI’s don’t look at the camera when they are speaking. Plus the one American they do have to play General MacArthur is the worst actor ever with the biggest head I’ve ever seen. Still, it kind of works, fitting the dreamy quality of the film. In many ways this film is genuinely brilliant.

BTW, @Persona, how do I insert a YouTube vid. Didn’t there used to be a icon I can click to do that?


My favourite review, possibly ever.


Was just reading through this thread and this popped up. :joy:

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Currently watching Great Expectations, film 4…The John Mills version…CLASSIC


Garden State

God I forgot how much I love this film. Zach Braff’s best film. Great soundtrack too.