What was the last film you watched?


Yeah sure, but equally, a film that scores say 69 or 71 on Metacritic could easily be a 90 for you.

I think discovery is so gratifying; i/e seeing a film without any prior knowledge about its context or who likes it.

I prefer to use metacritic, as I don’t rely on publications as such, but rather individual reviewers; Michael Phillips of the Chicago Tribune is always on par with my taste.


Saw these recenty:

Safe Haven 6/10
La La Land 9/10
War Dogs 7/10
Pompeii 6/10
Lights Out 7/10


[quote=“rednwhitearmy, post:121, topic:115”]
I think discovery is so gratifying; i/e seeing a film without any prior knowledge about its context or who likes it.[/QUOTE]

Definitely, ideal scenario for a film is knowing very little about it and what it’s about but knowing it’s good. :wink: For this I tend to use rottentomatoes, read nothing but the little snippets from the critics who I like.

Then after I permit myself to read full reviews. Here’s a part from one (Anthony Lane of New Yorker) that I thought was funny (despite him fully and enthusiastically endorsing the film):



I don’t even look at Rotten Tomatoes.

Don’t like the scoring, film isn’t about being fresh (good) or rotten (bad).

There’s more to it, Metacritic is by far the best way to keep informed with all things art, film, tv, music and game.

Ha yeah, Anthony Lane, not always in agreeance with his reviews, but odd chuckle here and there.


That’s why you just scroll through and read only the snippets from the critics who interest you. :slight_smile:


I haven’t seen it, and I don’t really want to see it either.

I rarely bother with new films, to be honest. I’ve only got a few favorite filmmakers working today, that I always make sure to watch. I can also make some exceptions to watch something else if it looks interesting enough, but that’s about it.

I’d probably “gamble” a bit more on new releases if I lived in a town that actually had a movie theater. Since I still mostly watch stuff that I buy on dvd/blu-ray, then I prefer to just play it safe, and spend it on films by filmmakers that I love and other stuff I’m sure I would end up liking. Besides, classical filmmaking is what I prefer anyway, and since there are few filmmakers influenced by classical cinema out there today, then I can’t say that I feel that I’m missing too much. :stuck_out_tongue:


Film making is story telling.

Saying you only prefer classical film making is ultimately pretentious.


Not once did I say that I “only” prefer that.

I’d also love to know how having a preference for a certain style of filmmaking, is “pretentious”.

The majority of my favorites are unpretentious anyway, but whatever.


Hacksaw Ridge, Enjoyed this. Stick a film in WW2 and make lots of bangs and chances are I’ll enjoy it.

A Long Way Down, 4 people on New Year’s Eve go to a famous suicide spot in London intent on ending their lives but end up not doing that and instead becoming a group of friends. :unamused:

The Intern, De Niro plays a retiree who gets bored and applies to be Anne Hathaway’s characters intern in an elderly intern programme at a fashion company.

Clouds of Sils Maria, A fading actress who played a part of a young girl in a play that made her famous takes on the role of the older character in a revival of that play.

Trumbo, Dalton Trumbo, a screenwriter in post-war America is blacklisted by the House Un-American Activities Committee for being a communist, forcing him to write film scripts in secret and using other writers to sell them to the film studios.

Night Bus
Night bus in London…Just a bunch of people having conversations that the viewer is given snippets of. Meh.


Great film. Launched Kristen Stewart away from Twilight with a bang! Have you seen Olivier Assayas’ other films?


Just had a look at his IMDb and nope. Not a one.


Oh, yeah, well his style is often a bit confusing.

Summer Hours is really only his other really good film. I haven’t seen his latest film, Personal Shopper yet, another one with Kristen Stewart, but it hasn’t had too good a review; I’ll give it a shot though.


La La Land.

Mrs forced me to go, and annoyingly I really liked it.


Great film. I’ve seen it 3 times! Helps that Ryan Gosling is well fit.


To be honest I’m not sure my wife’s level of enthusiasm would be so high if he wasn’t in it lol.


Edge of Seventeen (2016)

Wanted to see this because Woody’s character seemed like a funny dick, but he’s not in it enough.

Alone in Berlin (2016)

A husband and wife in Nazi Germany get a letter notifying them of the death of their son…The husband cracks and starts writing postcards containing anti-Hitler/Nazi writings and leaving them in public places for people to find.

Load of pish.


Allied (2016)

Brad Pitt (who plays Max a French-Canadian pilot in the RAF) & Marion Cotillard (who plays Marianne, a member of the French resistance) meet in French Morocco in 1941 and are sent on a mission to kill the German ambassador. They fall in love, get married and move to London where Max takes a desk job…They have a kid.

Word soon reaches Max from his superiors that Marianne could be a German spy and Max has to prove otherwise or he will be forced to execute her.

Soppy, poorly executed espionage-romance film that for some fucking reason I quite enjoyed. Probably cos WWII.

When I first saw the trailer and stuff for this before it came out it looked a sure-fire Oscar contender to me. Failed completely.


Finally pulled my finger out my arse and watched John Wick, fucking loved it!!

I also went to the cinema with the kids and watched Sing.




The Broken Circle Breakdown (2012)

Elise & Didier are a Belgian couple living in a house in a small Belgian village who love American country music. They have a daughter who is suffering from cancer and going through chemo. The film takes you through that and other troubles in their lives.

This film is horribly depressing, the poster and trailer I saw made it seem like quite a love-dovey story. But, Christ, Ughhh. Which isn’t to say it’s bad. Good viewing for me.

The timeline of the film isn’t clear to me and the flashback and forward is a bit messy.