What are you watching?


On Season 5 of IASIP, I love this fucking show.

There is so much humour going on in some scenes, I need to rewind to appreciate it all. Especially when their conversations devolve into them yelling / shouting inane bullshit at each other. Take this scene for example, on first watch I didn’t realise Frank started yelling “FLUSH FLUSH” at the end instead of “HOUSE”. Shit is too good.


Is this a banter trend or can no one spell island?!


I mean, that sums it all up, doesn’t it?



Westworld. A lot seems to go on in an episode but it takes a bit of time after watching one to decipher all the chunks to follow the plot line.




Might start a Love Island thread just so I can delete it.


Do it @Calum

I can then ignore that thread.


Calum loves to make us suffer.

I respect that.


ffs eyal you mugggg.


To be fair they know more about it than half the cabinet


“So does that mean we won’t have any trees”?

Was howling at that last night :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


“No that’s got nothing to do with it babe, that’s weather”



Tbf Georgia acquitted herself very well there, knew more about it than most people as will said lol


I was half tempted to sit there and listen to that 43 seconds. But, I stayed strong. :muscle:


I thought the same, but did listen to it.
It pretty much confirmed what I thought the programme would be like.

If you had a script of what they all talked about in that clip and showed it to someone, then told them it was a conversation was between some junior school children with learning difficulties, they would believe you.



Only Sherlock comes close to me in the genre. So so good.



Gosh. I wish there was a show with dumb bitches talking serious stuffs the whole time.


There was it was called Sex in the City and it got cancelled…


@Calum what’s Hayley done?


Snakey as fuck. Whole of Britain actually hates her :joy: I do aswell tbf