What are you watching?


What she do to be snakey lol i just see people hating on her on my twitter feed


Basically snaked the guy she was coupled with so she could stay in. Then when they kissed after he picked her again so she was safe she said to one of the other couples that she hated the kiss and it made her sick in her stomach.

The guy who she told this to told him cause bro code. Then when he called her out she started the crocodile tears saying she didn’t mean it that way.



Looool mad.


Best thing on TV haha.


Lol sounds funny



Is she actually 40, is she really hot, and is his mum also 40? I saw another meme earlier.


Who knows man, we need to @Calum to fill in the gaps


She’s 29. But everyone thinks she looks older. He’s only 20 and their relationship has moved quite quickly. And she told him she’s looking for a husband, and he said that was fine even though he didn’t seem fine with it.

Make your own mind up on whether or not she’s hot. Personally, i’d say no.



She’s 29. He’s 20.


Nah she’s way too fake looking. She’s 29 but looks way older.

Nothing wrong with the age difference though, kinda hot if you ask me.

No fucking way he’s ready to be a husband or dad. Guy is 20, he’s still a kid.


They have also known each other for a few days.
I can’t see what could possibly go wrong.

The great thing about this relationship is that it means their combined IQ might reach double figures.

It still won’t make me watch it.
The only thing that would, is if Wenger decides Real Madrid is too stressful and he needs a few quid as well as some cheap publicity, and was a new housemate, or what ever they are called, on the programme.


Samira or whatever her name is can get fucked. Such a knife in the back comment about Wes “showing his age”


Didn’t she snake the doctor guy too? :arteta:

What’s the latest with him?


People in work today said she’s actually 32 as they read people found an Instagram account where two years ago she was celebrating her 30th birthday :giroud3: :giroud3: :giroud3:


@Electrifying your not gonna understand the memes if you don’t watch it haha. The memes are one of the best parts of the show. Just watch it :wink:


Wasn’t her birthday she was celebrating.


You see the pictures? What was it then haha


Looking forward to season 2 of Luke Cage.


Her and her ex boyfriend shared a birthday. In the insta caption she refers to “our cards”, it was his 30th.

I’m not comfortable with how much I know about this if I’m honest.


You’re joining them :arteta: