What are you watching?


I bet you watch youtubers and twitch streamers


Sorry, did you plan on listing a television show that is actually good?


Ha. Nope. Listing good TV programmes wasn’t the point i was making – though, maybe they are good (Family Guy and American Dad certainly seem to be popular) but I’ve never seen any of them to know.

I was responding to the “trash” comment. Pointing out that most of the ITV programmes that usually come under the “trash TV” sector are now on ITVBe. All in one place :blush:

I only know all this rubbish because i sometimes have the God awful job of editing TV listings :weary:


That poor doctor. He’s getting pied left right and centre :joy::see_no_evil:



Hopefully he’ll get a date with Rosie.


She looks alright a bit heavy on the lip filler tho.

Georgia looked exactly like you described her :joy:




I’m watching “The Great War” YouTube channel. Fucking epic levels of details.


I saw that a couple years back and then forgot about it. 4 year long awesome project!

I remember that the guy who runs it was frequently asked if he’ll do a WWII one and he was like 'I dunno because it’s 21 years away." :laughing:


Is that the black and white one? Filmed in the '60s with real life interviews with those who took part in WW1?

If so, it’s very good. Only saw a few on BBC Four but I’m waiting for it to be re shown


Lol that Alex scene was so sad, felt sorry for him but can kinda see the girls point, they’re more turned on by tattoos, muscles etc and I agree with them. Alex has a creepy doctor vibe about him :joy:


No it’s not but I know what you are talking about and that is the 1964 BBC series and that is amazing as well. Very dark. It is available on YouTube as well search “BBC 1964 Great War”.


Looooool @Phoebica is this the one? :arteta:


She looks really smart. Daddy probably runs a nice asphalt company.


Meh 5/10


Yeah, distinctly average


Worth a squirt




I’ll wait to see her in Hollyoaks when her acting career takes off.


Yes, she’s the one who is turned off by intelligence

Young people today :xhaka: