What are you watching?


World Cup and Love Island. That’s life sorted for a month


The Thick of It on Netflix


Danni Dyer :arteta:


Aaaah season 2 gets even better IMO.
Great show


Frankie Boyle goes to Russia.

Straight from the off he’s on it. “In blahblahyear, this stadium hosted U2, making it one of the worst human rights abuses in Russian history.”


From the sounds of it, there won’t be any of the violence and hooliganism, that is feared, this summer.

FSB going round and mortally threatening people :arteta:


“You have 2 choices, Leave Russia or stay at home and do nothing.”

FSB will send them to Siberia. :sweat_smile:

The Randomly Nothing thread

Love island is for wankers


Oh hi I remember you from last year. :wink:


Though I should’ve put reality in speech marks. :rofl:


Nothing gets OA triggered more than love island chat hah.


I’m here for the Danny Dyer memes though.


ffs they can’t end the first episode like that!! Haha


The curly haired model bloke seemed like a bit of a cunt, grated on me the most.

That air stewardess seemed like a right twat too


Jakey :eyes:

Do we have a new member of the OA love island club?!


My gf was super hyped, to the extent that she invited a friend over on a Monday night. So I had to watch it basically lol

I honestly couldn’t put up with it every night for like two months, it is awful. But I reckon I can tolerate it once or twice a week, they’re all so thick it can be amusing to sit there and be judgemental.

Plus I love Danny Dyer so I’m in it for the memes


Did an interview with one of the new girls, Georgia – who’ll join the show later on – and when asked what she finds a turn off, she replied, “someone that is academically clever”. :woman_shrugging:

I’m looking forward to watching her on screen. The doctor will love her.


You get to interview the best people :smile:


Didn’t have the balls to just leave the room.


Spoiler ffs! :wink: