What are you watching?


You guys should really watch Agents of Shield.
5th season just ended and the show gave four 10/10 seasons.


I love how Friday Night Dinner has a sense of “homecoming”. You’ve had a week at work, had your own friday night dinner and you settle in to watch the show on channel 4.

Ahhh, bisto.


Just finished cobra Kai

If your a fan off the first karate kid film(original) then you should check this out


Anyone watch The Handmaid’s Tale last night?

Not sure how I feel about the very concept of a second series seeing as they haven’t got Atwood’s superlative source material to base it on, but I thought it made a good start yesterday. Especially that one particular moment of euphoric brutality.

Also Atlanta has recently started on BBC so popped that on series record. Watched the first two episodes yesterday and I feel like I’m gonna get into it in a big way.



Have you seen The Bridge (Bron) ?

First two seasons were really good, then it deteriorated a little but still very watchable and enjoyable.


Nah, I’ve never really been big on Danish dramas haha

I’ve only watched Borgen, which was very good in fairness.


Wifey likes that, plus its ‘counterpart’ The Tunnel. Me? News and sports and that’s it.


You Are Wanted, Series 2.


A real TV show is coming back soon… Love Island :sunglasses:


You still watching this? Finale at half nine.


Just looked and the final episode is actually at 10. They showed the first 4 last year! Cheers though didn’t even know it was on tonight


Yeah, I just realised it’s half nine now. :smiley: They’re showing the last episode of S2 first.


Binge watched ‘Lost in Space’

Liked it. Certainly keeps you engaged, great cinematography but the nerd in me can’t get the ‘perfect planet’


Car Share looks like it’s gonna have a soppy ending.



“Did you get his reg?”

I was choking. :rofl:


FFS that was so unexpected was actually howling at that :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Great last episode


Bit weird to upload the ending like this straight after. The cinephile in me wants to feel that the bus at the end is a nod to the Graduate.


Been watching West World and Killing Eve in the last few days, two very different but fantastic TV shows.



Welcome back summer.


:gabriel: :gabriel: :gabriel: