What are you watching?


Is that a good god damn or a bad one? Haha


This is first time when performing as a woman made a boy turn into a man for me.


I didn’t plan on being gay when I watched that video but oh well


I now know your youtube username


Hahaha is there a comment saying that? I never read youtube comments cos basically



Myself on other hand find youtube comment section really funny


I’m a big fan of Ozark. I really really enjoyed that first season and can’t wait for it to return.


There is no place on the Internet where Godwin’s Law is proven as much as there. :smile:


Sick I’ll check it out.

LOVED Altered Carbon, thought it was incredible.

Dark Matter is pretty good, from the producer of Stargate. It’s like a darker more serious Firefly with some standard sci fi cheese.

The Orville is just amazing.




Old re-runs of The Bill on Sky


airwolf seems to be back on channel 5…just saw an advert haha, aaahhhhh my childhood right there.


That’s used to watch loads of this as a kid. Fucking Reg was such a gent. Had to love Jim Carver and his madcap alcoholic ways too


Random as… Petit in The Bill. :sunglasses:


It was just good, unadulterated telly. Pre-watershed drama that proved you didn’t need sex, drugs, violence and strong language to keep an audience entertained.


Eurovision got interesting! A guy invaded the stage during UK’s entry :laughing:


Watched Unabomber the other week - very interesting show about how Ted Kaczynski was eventually caught. Sam Worthington and Paul Bettany star.

Just started watching Mindhunter now - first couple of episodes were good. If I had a day, I’d probably binge it easy. Love shows about serial killers / psychology and shit. Has a bit of a True Detective vibe about it (though not as dark as season one).


I liked Mindhunter quite a bit actually. A really solid show basically, easily 7.5/8 out of 10

I enjoyed not knowing any of the actors who were in it


Salamander is really good.
It’s a Belgium crime thriller and it’s the second series.
If you like this genre of foreign crime drama then this is worth watching.
It is subtitled but most of the best crime series are European so I’m used to it as there aren’t many of them I haven’t seen.

Also Friday Night Dinners is probably the best comedy on TV recently, it’s brilliant.


Watching the Stanley Cup playoffs. Fucking hell, Washington Caps just smokin’ the Tampa Bay Lightning. Come on Winnipeg tonight.