What are you watching?


Haha. I could have done but I actually like her friend so thought it might seem slightly unfriendly if I left the room to go and sit on my own while she was round.

Plus the people on these reality shows are easy to take the piss out of often quite hateable. I can pass the occasional hour engaging with that. I find indulging my most spiteful and hateful side can be quite cathartic.



Ffs what was your reaction and any follow up to that?!


Where do you come up with the questions. That’s what I want to know. :stuck_out_tongue:


I just made a cheese and ham toasty sat down and the misses is pissing herself at some show about sperm donors…

Back in the kitchen i go…


RIP Jakey


Haha, I just wrote a list of things I thought the world desperately needed to know the answers to… This is not normally my thing to be honest, I’m past that stage, I’m a freelancer hired to do editing. These sort of interviews are usually given to interns and juniors whose excitement for Love Island and the like is off the chart. But we’re very short staffed at the moment – Perhaps I should have given @Calum a call, he could have been the official Love Island correspondent :grin:

It was only on the phone, so i was able to hide my laughter. She said she didn’t like smart people because she’s not smart herself. She then went on to say she’d have sex on TV and that she hopes the show will lead to an acting career :speak_no_evil:



Someone should tell her casting couch is a lot harder to do nowadays. :expressionless:





Jack and Danni should open a pub called The Queen Bic


ITV2 broadcasts a load of trash though. :no_mouth:


It’s not as bad as ITVBe!


Which is why Love Island fits in so well :slightly_smiling_face:


Lol ITV2 isn’t even that bad anymore. All the reality shows like TOWIE, Real Housewives, Botched boob jobs, Bachelorette etc have moved to ITVBe. ITV2 has things like American Dad, Family Guy, The Cube, Two and a half Men, various films etc. Sure, there’s still some trash on there (Jeremy Kyle!) but it’s not the channel some think it is.


Wow, sounds like things have changed since I stopped watching TV.

Lol who even does that anymore :arteta:

Ancient people?!?!?! :arteta:


You would be surprised…

There this thing called the “inter-net” now and my god… you would not believe what you can find there


Yeah that’s what I mean lol, all us cool kids are watching on demand stuff on the internets and Netflix’s amirite??!!!


Love Island is also on Netflix :wink:


Netflix has a load of trash though. :no_mouth:


Net - Flix???



Was finally gonna go round to watch the Office US on it, but I see they’ve taken it off ffs.