West Brom vs Arsenal (Premier League)


What annoys me the most is that West Brom had absolutely nothing to play for. Yet they easily beat us, they wanted it more. That should never be the case when playing teams of that level - I say “that” level but we’re almost at “that” level too now.

Any other big club in the world would have sacked their manager following this run by now, but nope, we’re Arsene FC it would seem.


Glad the Ox found it so funny…


What the fuck lol. Who’s the manager here?!


Sanchez is leaving anyway, might as well get as much pitch time from him as possible seeing as he’s our best player.


I thought before the game that if we lost and played poorly, which we did, it might be the result that would make Wenger see sense.

With the international break coming up, I can see him announcing that decision.


Wtf did I just watch? When was the last time we didn’t get just absolutely slaughtered? 8-2 and 10-2 against Manure and Bayern are one thing…the little 3-1 stabbings from Liverpool and WBA are what should have Wenger on his ass without the keys to the Emirates TOMORROW MORNING. End this terminal disease please.




Spot on.

We have a painful few years coming up for sure. Especially with the teams around us all pushing on and on the up. Wenger really shoul’ve left in 2014, would’ve been so ideal.







We need a kamikaze pilot.


We’ve got one


[quote=“Calum, post:84, topic:1335”]
What the fuck lol. Who’s the manager here?!
[/quote]Classic Arsene. Always cocky, never learns from the past.


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He is from close to the border… :giroud:


I sense a taking the piss towards me :mustafi:


How soon is “soon” to Arsene in regards to saying he knows what he is going to do?

Imagine if he did announce he’s signing the two year extension. I shouldn’t laugh.


Missus went shopping with daughter n g/daughter so I decided to get settled down and watch the game.
I couldn’t believe the line up when I saw Ramsey playing.
Watched first half and wasn’t surprised to see them strolling through our defence at will.their set piece goal was no surprise.

But I must say I loved watching Xhaka PLAY. He looks quality. Just a shame he’s surround by average .
Could believe Wenger persevered with the ox, Theo and Ramsey for so long.
When second half started I could see pullis had got into his players because of the way they were closing us down from the first minute.The second goal was no surprise.
I did well this time because I managed to stick with game until 59 th minute then I went and picked wife up early before she blew all our hard earned pension.
If Wenger stays they will have to pay me to watch arsenal.Lol.
Just to think that i’d walk over broken glass to watch arsenal not so long ago. Now I just don’t seem to have the energy.


I was going to watch the rerun later but accidentally saw the result. WTF!!!? What happened?



Absolute joke.