West Brom vs Arsenal (Premier League)


They stopped commentating and put the Benny Hill theme tune on…


Time has finally caught up with Wenger and Arsenal…


Doesn’t matter what team we put out then. Created nothing at all and still conceding soft goals as ever. We can finally write off our precious Champions League football next season. About time.


At least no Arsenal for 2 weeks now. That’s a good news.


This rate we wont even make the Thursday night league…


Lost 6 in 9. SIX. Man Chelsea would have immolated their manager, let alone sacked him in this situation.

Fuck me


We had more possession though :hipster:


No words






The banners, the planes, the defeats. May as well start showing our games on Comedy Central.


No discipline, predictable and rubbish…roll on Wembley. Then roll on the summer…


Fucking shambolic performance. Barely created anything, and conceded soft goals. That performance is a sad indicment of how our season is turning out.

I think a comprehensive defeat at Wembley will be the final nail in the coffin. City will want that trophy even more after Wednesday night, whilst we look like we’ll struggle to find wins until the end of the season.


This is a broken team with nothing going for it and it’s going to get worse.

Strap yourselves in people.


Is anyone really surprised or shocked, said it yesterday that WBA will win this. They bullied us and we only had two shots on target, TWO SHOTS. Poor. Half the players aren’t playing for Wenger anymore, some clearly want out of the club and the others aren’t good enough. Two free fucking headers they got and the Kanu goal was comical you could put Benny Hill music too it.

It’s only going to get worse and soon we be lucky to get into the Europa league lol. Sad really.


Now expect a full 2 days of nothing coming from the club and players on the official website and social media until they start talking about doing better and finally putting things right. It’s honestly hilarious how we’re actually in a really good spot squad wise when it comes to numbers available, yet we play some of the worst football we’ve seen in ages.



You know it’s time to throw in the towel when you’re looking at Tony Pulis and you can no longer say that you’d have Wenger over him.


The players are disgusting tho too.

Arsene deserves to go, but their reply to his pressure is this.

Sampaoli in and whip them within an inch of their lives.


This club needs such a massive overhaul that we’re going to make Liverpool and United’s fall from grace look like a stroll on the fucking beach.

It’s going to be a fucking nightmare salvaging this sinking ship and who the fuck is going to want to take the job?

Ozil and Sanchez are leaving, and then the incoming manager will need to deal with players like Ox, Ramsey, Gabriel, Walcott etc.

The club will be a mess and we don’t have the money United do to just go out and buy us out of the hole Wenger and the board have dug us. We are so unbelievably fucked I’m at a bit of a loss to accurately compose a post that describe the amount of misery we’re about to walk into for the next many seasons.

Just look at Liverpool for the last 8-10 years, that’s what we have in store for us.