West Brom vs Arsenal (Premier League)


Jesus :joy::joy:


Look a bunch of pensiones who are taking a look at the pidgeons at the park.


We are the best at it


I just wish someone would tell me what badly bouldys job is ffs.
Bould has a better job than Wenger.

If you watch their first goal our big players run towards the kick taker leaving our goal line exposed.
I think I said last week that it was like watching my son’s school team when he was about 5.
20 players chasing the ball and the goalies talking to their mates on the goal line. LMAO.


Assistant manager. He assists the manager in being useless.


It’s not a good time for me. During the last month I’m suffering about a suspect and strange cough and I waited this game as mental scapegoat.

We have been absolutely terrible on defense. Koscielny looked a Sunday Pub League defender today, Bellerìn (please, I’m ready to pay him an haircut) looked again not fit and not focused on the game, Chamberlain totally out, Welbeck physically not ready…

The three goals conceded have been comical for a team with acceptable ambitions. I refuse to understand how a bunch of long-term professional players are capable to not perform like today.

Basing my judgment about today, I can save only Petr Cech (but I never seen him to concede a goal like the first when he was at Stamford Bridge), Granit Xhaka, Mustafi, Aaron Ramsey, Nacho Monreal (today has been good) and Alexis Sanchez.

For the rest, everyone need to be under discussion about their potential future.

It’s clear, Arsène will leave at the end of the season (I’m not sure about our final position will be between the 3th and the 6th) with or without the CL place and the FA Cup in the cabinet.

Arsenal need a revolution, starting with the board and finishing with the coaching staff.

Next manager (I hope with a DoF with him) should be intelligent to understand how many players are potentially good enough to remain.


Hope you are ok mate :slight_smile:


This picture is so bad ffs :joy::joy::joy:


They were told to scrap zonal and man mark so 7 of them marked 1 player…


Couldn’t watch the game because the hotel sports package in NZ was full of rugby and Cricket replays. Great result that I couldn’t though as the mrs got a good night sleep and I didn’t have to endure another shambolic Arsenal display by the sounds of it. 70 odd % possession for 2 shots on target lol.


You don’t need to mark up if you just BELIEVE.


Same number of shots on target as there were planes/banners flown over the stadium. Not many other teams can claim that achievement :sunglasses:


Hong Kong. :bellerin:


You literally have to be an Arsenal from from 08 or so onwards to really think this is the man still capable of taking us forwards.

I’m sure even the usual suspects @Arsenal4thetreble, @kaner and @Trion must surely be fed up of Wenger now.


The company that paid for it has a director called Sir Chips Keswick…So the" in" banner was probably paid for by the club… Mulder and Scully…


That’s a rather vague post. Any more details on that?


Ive read that Jardine aviation is the company (based in Hong Kong)that paid for the in Wenger we trust banner…Sir Chips and his family control that company… So 2 +2 = pr job from the club…


I’d be amazed if Sir Chips (!) got involved in the Wenger In/Out debate on that level

If you’re a relatively anonymous director at a football club, especially ours, you just let the little people have their squabble and stay out of it. They must’ve learned from Lady Nina Bracewell Smith :grimacing:


Where :slight_smile:


It looks like he may have paid for both as the out banner was paid for by jardine aviation of china… Mulder and scully the truth is out there…

Just glad it wasnt done by local supporters…

Hong Kong 1-1 China