West Brom vs Arsenal (Premier League)


No Ozil but no Coquelin or Giroud, you’d take that.


Actually looking forward to seeing how this XI perform.


because he probably has been.


I’m going for 1-1.


“Per’s my boy man. Per kept me going.” :joy:


Liked that. Captain’s duty :muscle:


You can hardly read it/see it :joy::joy: hope you enjoyed spending 3K on that lads :joy::joy:


OH FUCK! They really did it in the end!



That banner is about as mature as the banner with Sanchez dogs on it, begging him to sign a new contract.




dear god there are two planes.


Gonna start a bombing soon!



I can’t stop fucking laughing at the whole banner fiasco. Two banners in one game, one out, then the timing of the in banner soon after the equaliser, you couldn’t make this shit up :joy:

No wonder we’re considered a laughing stock right now.


Why are we such a comedy club?
Christ! All our players look drunk!


The rugby is pretty shite but it would seem we are worse :joy:


He has to resign now, hasn’t he?


:microphone: fam blud blud fam blud fam


No better than a mid table team…enjoy the semi final day out this lot aint winning anything…