West Brom vs Arsenal (Premier League)



He is gone.


Please correct me if wrong, but has this guy now not missed about 3 or 4 games in a row though this ‘illness’ going back to Sutton, yet taken part in the last couple of week’s training sessions + fitted in a mini holiday to Turkey ?!?




He’ll be starting for Germany on Wednesday.


He’s not injured, obviously just scared of being beaten up by Claudio Yacob and Jake “England’s saviour” Livermore.

Seriously though, if he is out for us again today but plays for Germany next week then we can perhaps start organising his bon voyage party.


Just seems a bit far out from the end of the season for this awkward breakup stage to be starting. Still 10+ games to go including an Fa Cup game that is humongous in terms of Wenger’s personal legacy

I would’ve understood it more if say we’d drawn someone good in the quarters and lost, then lost to Munich, and were slightly further adrift in 6th place.


It’s clear he has decided to leave.


Just heard the Pulis interview on 5Live

The new Wenger/Pulis love in feels a bit awkward :laughing:


No it’s not. Nothing is clear. Maybe he’s injured, maybe he has the fucking plague, maybe he’s just being a cock. We don’t know anything.


Checked the weather for this game. Windy with chances of rain. I make that a West Brom win.


ffs Özil needs to get his act together


Finally Welbeck starts as CF! The last time we won here was thanks to him :smiley:


i hate it when Arsenal gets fans like this. Ozil isnt going anywhere lads. Just a knee injury.




Didn’t even notice he isn’t even in the sqaud :joy::joy:

Fucking Wenger.


West Brom going with the novel approach of playing central midfielders in central midfield


Why has Wenger repeatedly described him as being ill or unwell then?


With what we have available, that’s probably the team I’d have picked. Glad Welbeck is starting - I like the Welbz-Alexis partnership.

We’ve got this :muscle::muscle::muscle:


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