UK General Election announced for 8th June


Fair point lol.

As you can see I done the quiz at 23:30 and wanted to go to sleep maybe that’s why I said that bit :joy:


Sounds about right. Exactly how I will vote in the council elections this May anyways.

A bit worried I agree with UKIP and Tory immigration policies to an extent tho :giroud:


I’m not sure why they still have Nick Griffin’s face next to the BNP, seeing as he hasn’t been their leader since 2014. Apparently their leader is some cunt called Adam Walker.






Finally, a party willing to stand up and tackle the important issues facing our country.

Young people can’t get on the housing ladder because of these terrible things and I think the teachers leaving the profession is probably 70% down to burka related issues.




That’s about the level of discourse I’ve come to expect from UKIP supporters.


And i knew youd be the first…


Yeah that has to be the biggest and most decisive factor. Closer to 170% if you ask me. Or 1170%.


I’ve just seen that you liked Craigie’s post above, so you obviously aren’t a UKIP supporter. Thought you were cracking out the marching songs.



Marching songs are a German thing…


They’re not confined to any one nation. Anyhow, as I said… got it arse about face, sorry.


I’m really ill this week which sucks because I really want to get stuck into this stuff.

There’ll be a big post coming from me when the antibiotics do the business :joy:




See you always have to correct… Little school teacher…
Search best marching songs on Google and most will be German.

Fuck your apology btw…
Wasnt even sincere.

Anyway the german thing was tongue in cheek(Farage wife is Gernan) but you are too serious…




Seems like an obviously good idea to me, though no doubt he’ll cop a load of flak for it.

I mention marching songs and you essentially tell me I’m wrong by saying they’re a German thing. So it’s OK for you to contradict me but when I do the same in response…

My apology was sincere. I got it arse about face, was rude to you, and for that I apologise, for the third time. But it is hardly the biggest deal, I didn’t do something awful that requires serious grovelling, I think the level of apology you have received far outweighs what you’d usually expect when someone has been an arse to you on the internet.

No skin off my nose of you don’t accept it.


I’m generally pro this. Seemingly the public are in agreement aswell, and it would probably do a bit of good to those that feel that they can’t celebrate national icons and figures.

Not sure how much it would cost the economy, it surely can’t be too much. Besides, I think its probably worth the hit for potentially improved societal relations.