UK General Election announced for 8th June


The quiz was a bit tl;dr but eventually it finished.

SNP :sunglasses:


Can’t really post mine, it’s too embarrassing. I think it’s because you don’t have proper parties. :grin:


Is not the chosen one for you :smirk:


I got 71% SNP.

Closed it immediately. :dizzy_face:


It said I’m a Liberal Democrat… does that mean I’m a commie?


Bloody lefties


Haha no, the Liberal Democrats are a centrist party, though with the way liberal is used, particularly Stateside, I can see why you’d think they’re left wing.

@CunningLinguist don’t be a cocktease m8 :wink:


Basically had the same as you but with Labour above the snp


I don’t know how many of you scrolled down for a more detailed breakdown, but it also says which parties you agree with on the issues that are mist important to you (if you bothered to rank issues by importance as you answered each one).

That may go some way to explaining why some of you support different parties to the ones you got the highest percentages for.

Also @sevchenko you can fuck right off you Tory cunt :smile:


I was making a joke… I guess my humor didn’t come through. I’m well aware that anywhere else in the world I would be considered slightly left of center. But because the US has been pushed so far to the right anything other than gun totin’, flag wavin’, Jesus praisin’ Murican’s is pinko commie scum!!! (queue the fireworks and F16 flyover)


I figured you were being humorous with the commie comment, so your joke wasn’t completely lost on me, but I did think there was a genuine question lurking beneath because it’s perfectly plausible you wouldn’t have a fucking clue about the Liberal Democrats lol


You are Labour :xhaka: :mustafi:


Looks like I’m more Scottish than @Calum

I honestly don’t know whether to be happy or horrified that I’m more ukip than tory.


Yeah I don’t get it, I wasn’t trying to on purpose it’s genuinely just my truthful answers.

I’d make a terrible prime minister, I’d compromise on so many issues between so many parties that no-one would be happy.

But then they do say that when both groups leave negotiations unhappy, that’s when the fairest deal has been achieved.


US version


What a weird set of results. Guess I better get going to Wales…


After your results click on the country flag top right, go to another country and it transfers your result to that country…


It’s a General Election mate, there are a quite few issues for people to concern themselves with. It’d be pointless if it only asked you five questions, what would anyone learn from that?


Are you welsh? So you must like :ramsey:


Definitely not!

I cheered pretty loud when we scored the winner against them in the Group Stage at the Euros :sweat_smile: