UK General Election announced for 8th June


just as I thought


Bank holidays on their own are generally meaningless these days though, what really matters is holiday allowance so unless that’s part of the policy too then it’s probably not a big difference. I’m starting a new job with 28 days + 8 public holidays and if we lived in a 12 holidays country instead of an 8 holidays country I doubt I’d be being offered as much as 28 days on top of that 12. Maybe it wouldn’t be a whole 4 less so some people may see a benefit, but I think it’ll still be less.

My wife works in retail and I think she gets the the legal minimum which is 28 days which works out as 20 days + 8 public holidays but she has to work most bank holidays anyway so unless the minimum rises from 28 I think she’ll end up with 16 days + 12 public holidays that she’ll probably have to work anyway.

Anyway I’ve just watched Andrew Marr try and stitch him up which is probably the soft version of what’s to come so it’s not going to happen anyway :grin:


Today’s news papers are full of shit about this election. Some has may leading the poll (they own poll) others had Corbyn gaining (they own poll) but what is consistent is the littoral Corbyn bashing that we know and love I think only the observer had a pro labour story which is crazy


Can someone explain why Corbyn has had so much hate and vitriol thrown his way from both sides?


Mix of general incompetence on his part and the fact that he would genuinely push through (semi-radical) change. He’s hated by the New Labour lot because they want a candiate that’s tory-lite, and it’s fair to say that they’re right in some respect about his inability to garner popular support. The rest is the UK media attacking the man without looking into his policies.

I largely see it from both sides myself. I agree with a lot of what he says, yet I acknowledge that he isn’t the man to win an election and put these proposals into action.


I don’t get that attitude where on one had you say you agree with his polices but not leader you want. To me he seems fine just like Bernie this whole myth of him be unelectable to me is bull. They don’t want him to be elected because he is not beholden to donors so he will push through policies for the people not the norm


Get a load of this cunt.

Some of us lefties get mocked for going on about certain people in Labour being red Tories but is it any wonder when Tony fucking Blair advocates people possibly voting Conservative and openly praises Theresa May right before a general election?

People were expelled from the Labour Party for less in the run up to the last leadership election.

Fucking disgraceful.


Hypocrisy of some establishment centrists is nothing new.Been going on for a while.


Tony Blair can fck right off - should be on charges the cunt !! As for national bank holidays, we should have one for St Georges Day - it’s a disgrace we don’t, also the other 3 mentioned should have one too.


It is actually an expellable offense to endorse another party, by the rules he should be booted out. People do get kicked out all the time for it, but obviously rules won’t apply to good old Tony.


Is he actually a Labour member? Surely Corbyn would have had him booted by now.


The sooner Blair realises that he should stay out of Politics, the better.


You boys gonna do anything about Ian Murray? Blatantly endorsing tactical voting against the SNP in his Edinburgh South seat, which I have heard and as you say is against the rules for Labour. Nothing will happen I am sure.


He probably is a member. Can’t think why he’d have left.


To be fair, whatever hurts the SNP could be good for Labour. And the UK.



You haggis boy!:poldi:


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I’m proper Centrist :sunglasses:


He is actually such a fool. I have no idea who is advising him but FFS why shoot himself in the foot repeatedlyevery time the Tories give him an open goal?