Thomas Lemar


Yeah…L’Equipe making stuff up again.


Monaco must be trying everything to get a higher price from us haha.


I really can’t understand what is so special about this kid.


Lemar is mustard.


Seriously we have good wingers at the club. Id rather take that £40m we are supposedly offering and spunk it on Seri.


There doesn’t seem to be much movement in the squad anyway, so we’ll probably just end up going into the season with what we have. It wouldn’t even be too uncharacteristic of AW to trust whatever players he has and push transfer business back by another window or two.


Meh idc, let’s get Mahrez instead


We need both a quality winger and a quality central midfielder, I agree a Centre Mid is a higher priority but we still need both.


If you had watched Monaco yesterday you would have noticed Lemar liked to cut inside and play centrally. He is not really a winger.


I hope Wenger has a plan B.
Mahrez perhaps.


Wenger’s plan B is having no plan B.


I’d honestly prefer Mahrez. Think some peoples expectations of Lemar are far too high.


There are reservations about Mahrez tbh, Lemar has a lot of upside and versatility whereas there’s no guarantee you’re going to get the Mahrez of the title winning season particularly on a consistent basis.

Could easily be a very streaky player if not an outright flop if we were to sign him, I’m doubting that Wenger has any interest whatsoever.

If it were a sure thing we’d be getting Mahrez of 2015/2016 I’d have him in a heartbeat over Lemar.


I don’t see it as any more risk than spending 50 million pounds on a 21 year old and expecting him to come in and have a great enough effect for us that he’ll help push us to the title.

I genuinely believe that Lemar is more of a long term solution, whereas Mahrez - if he were to find his best form - could easily see us to a title this season. He dismantled so many top teams during the Foxes winning campaign that it makes me wonder why we’re not more interested. Especially considering he clearly wants the move.


Makes me wonder why the only significant club interested is Roma :thinking:




Probably because he’s not the most marketable player out there. Compounded by his dip in form last year and the huge fee that Leicester seem to be looking.


I don’t think it has anything to do with marketability.


I hope that isn’t what people actually think.


This is just Castiel doing his ‘people are sleeping on X player from the premier league, he’s more proven’ thang, (edit:) and you fluffy European hipsters are overrating the other alternative, as with Vardy, Fellaini, Sissoko, etc. etc. Con amor. :kissing_heart: