Thomas Lemar


DT on AFTV said that this is done with his ITK stuff. Says that the actress above was about to say about the transfer and they had to cut the tape…this is the player we supposedly have gotten. Lets see if he is full of shit (more than likely is)


Wasn’t it ‘DT’ who staked his reputation on Allegri being our new manager for this season? The guy’s an idiot, but equally fair play to him, he’s used AFTV to carve out his own 15 minutes of fame


DT the ITK :joy:


DT insults Wenger to mask his secret relationship with him. DT is the first AW close friend, even over David Dein.


Lemar played in the French Super Cup, I doubt that if it was done and he was an Arsenal player he would be participating in that.


AFTV :xhaka:



i dont trust this ITK…where are his sources :arteta:


Finally an ITK I can believe in


aaaaahhhhhh here we go negative for negatives sake :cech: :henry2:


Lol at his account!


Announce Ghezzal then Announce Lemar

Everyone’s happy


GOD yes. Finally. Hurryyyyyy


good news if true, hurry up and sell to Monaco, Lyon


Ghezzal move on.


Dead duck according to telefoot.

We won’t go higher than 60m and Monaco don’t think it’s enough/don’t want to sell more first team players.


Wait what!?


City want another of Monaco’s players? Let’s just call them Manaco!


I hope this is just agent talk to force the hand of Wenger.


Lemar is kinda meh anyways according to the people who watch him often. Supposedly good but 60m good? Hah.