Thomas Lemar


On the internet alone Lemar seems to have achieved some sort of mythological status among those who have probably watched him play once in the last season.

I’m not saying he wouldn’t be a great signing he just seems like the hipsters choice while Mahrez would perhaps be a more pragmatic signing for the season ahead. Lemar strikes me as a signing you make when your house is in order, a signing that improves the squad and the age of the squad at the expense of immediate impact.

I hope we get him and I hope I’m wrong I just think some people are really expecting too much from this transfer.


that’s how transfers work. New = better.


If we sign Lemar we’re still favourites for the Europa League. You’re not talking about the Premier League are you?


How is a young, French international, starting at a good club which had success, the hipsters’ choice :smile:? There is obviously always a chance it doesn’t work out. Granted 50 million is really, really pushing it.


Lemar may be more risky between the two, but that’s fine. The club need to be taking some risks–leaving funds in the bank year after year has been worse.

But, Arsenal’s transfer business looks to be done. Shame, dithering over a few million and start yet another season with holes that haven’t been addressed.


No it isn’t even wenger says he is still in the market.


Sure, he is in reactive mode, which is the problem. If dominos fall elsewhere and he can grab a player late (after the season starts) he can put in a low bid.

Proactive is getting in players needed prior to a season starting.

The transfer policy nor the club’s ambition have changed. We know that Kroenke doesn’t care about winning a title, hence the extension. The curious part for me is why Wenger signed it. Surely he knows he can’t win a title with the squad he has, yet he doesn’t really use the funds available to give him a chance to do so.


lots of clubs have not got all the players they need. Look how many players Chavski have got and Conte says he desperately need more. If wenger says he is in for more players that is a good thing because usually he is adamant we have a squad that is ready. There are going to be many more transfers happening for a lot more clubs than just us.


Fuck lemar, we’ve got :iwobi:


Liked what I saw of Iwobi yesterday but his final pass is often the problem. Just seems to run out of ideas the moment he needs to make a decision on that killer pass. He is still young so he will learn. I do hope he doesn’t go the way that Theo and Ox to some extent have, where they don’t seem to be getting better and those weaknesses they have had since they first broke into the first team still largely exist.

But yes, I definitely liked what Iwobi offered yesterday.



hopefully the french Wenger/Henry links comes into his decision


Any recent news to suggest we have the remotest chance of concluding this?


I think Sky reported earlier today that our pursuit is over.


Good we need to focus everything on seri.


We better, and I know hardly anything about him… banking on you guys who rate him at this point… I just know that with Xhaka, Ramsey, Le Coq, El Neny, and Wilshere, we aren’t winning any Prem title.


Shit wasn’t happening anyway regardless of who comes in…lol.

Lemar would be quite a good signing for Barca.


You’re so realistic and gloomy.

We’re going to make a signing or two before window’s end. Who do you think might come in?


I seriously worry we won’t, but I hope to god you are right… at this point it seems like we are pinning our hopes on Seri… I guess potentially Mahrez in addition? Seems solid enough but probably need another summer or two to truly compete, especially with uncertainty surrounding Sanchez and Ozil.


I have no clue as to who will come in but I won’t hold my breath particularly if this stuff about bringing in new players is contingent on getting rid of the dead wood, the club is so shit at that it’s actually sad.

A combo of Goretzka, Seri, Mahrez and Lemar would be ideal or at least just necessary on a base level but signs aren’t looking good.

Can see another panic buy before deadline day tbh.