Thomas Lemar


We obviously want him but don’t want to pay what we consider ‘over the odds’. If I was Monaco I’d probably keep him because as he improves and he probably will his value improves and they have loads of money from selling 3 first team players. If I was Monaco I’d only sell if I was getting what he’s worth in say 2 years time. So yes I’d price him at 70m because when he gets 18goals and 18 assists in a couple of years he’ll go for that easily. Plus I get 2 years of a productive player.

Unless we’re willing to offer special money we have to move on to the next target


Not signing him doesn’t validate your opinion in any way.


Sure it does Big Spuds. Arsenal are bidding, Monaco are saying no. If that’s the outcome it is precisely a validation of what I’m saying.


Not really, my parents went to see a house on Saturday. Put in a bid on Monday 15k below asking price to be told ‘7 people have bid and we will give to the end of the week for everyone to put their best bid in’. They offered 10k over asking price and still lost out.

They weren’t just bidding to show off to the family, they wanted the house. Meanwhile other houses in the same school area aren’t getting bids and are reducing their price and would probably take under asking price.


No it’s really not lol.


Nonsense. You can be no more sure that Monaco are receptive to these repeat bids than I can be that the owner has already decided for certain not to sell. Give it up already. We’ll have to see what the outcome is, just happens to be my hunch that on this occasion no means no.


I’m glad we negotiate. We can’t all be Man City and play with cheat codes.


You are honestly of the opinion that a club like Arsenal would waste their time making bids intentionally low so as to get knocked back, so they can say ‘we tried’. And you have the audacity to suggest what I am saying is nonsense?

The club doesn’t bow down to fans, Wenger being manager is a clear sign of that. Be cynical all you want, but Lemar not signing doesn’t equate to the above.


My guess is their valuation is similar to what they sold Bernardo for, so around £60m including bonuses.


It could be a lowballing attempt, it could be a buyer’s valuation that is made genuinely and just deemed wide of the mark by the seller. Either way it doesn’t always end up with the selling club caving in as the big club’s shadow looms above it. I think this is going to be one of those occasions.

My assumption is going off the repeated statements by the Monaco owner, plus I don’t think he’s talked in the same terms about any of Mendy, Bernardo, Mbappe or Bakayoko. I’d be very surprised if either Arsenal’s offer substantially increased, or if Monaco accepted it

What is your issue here exactly anyway? Classic forum stuff, two unproveable opinions, neither of us can know and that’s the only sure thing about it.


We should have learnt by now we have to pay more than what we think it is required.


Saying you can’t be sure arsenal arnt just putting in low bids with he intention of them being rejected so we can say at least we tried is a ligitimate position to hold suppose in the same sense that next time it starts raining you can’t be sure it will ever stop raining again until it does

The actual chances of arsenal putting in bids hoping they will get rejected are the same as the chances of it never stopping raining next time it starts

Just because neither scinario is “proveable” doesn’t make both just as likely as each other

You can’t “prove” Mary became pregnant via immaculate conception, that dosent mean that either that or normal biological conception have an equal chance of being correct lol


Liverpool sent multiple bids to Leipzig, despite no deal being possible. It doesn’t have to be this way.


Classic forum stuff though!


I never said I thought Arsenal might put in a bid Hoping it will get rejected. Or for sure that wasn’t my intention. More the actual bidding process is positive evidence of transfer activity. Neither did I ever suggest two opinions can’t be of unequal likelihood. You’d be great in my old job. Anyway before this descends into the glorious fun fest that is arguing about semantics, I think i’ll leave this one be


Hmm if you say so


You know what, I just can’t :smirk:

Are you suggesting that every situation where the outcome is either A or B is of comparable relative likelihood as a woman becoming pregnant from either A) a man or B) a non existent entity?

What in the actual fuck are you talking about man :laughing:




I’m suggesting that saying “well you can’t prove me wrong” doesn’t make radiculos claims any more feesable