Thomas Lemar


Shit summer incoming.

Monacunts happy to sell to others but playing hardball with one of their legends?!

Lemar needs to kick up a stink now.


Personally think we have him just gotta decide that final figure that means he is handed over and their club can’t refuse.


Keeping a player and then losing him on free next summer? Hope not.
Regarding Lemar, Monaco 70 mil and it is case closed.


Leicester are cunts as well :xhaka:


This is what we get for AW’s penny pinching and his ‘signature’ (insulting) offers I suppose.

I think clubs just got sick of being low-balled for decades when they knew we had the money if push came to shove- AW just wanted a steal at their expense so he could prove whatever point he was trying to make during that phase. This is payback and as much as I hate it, I’d probably be doing the same in their positions.

After all, we’re merely making ‘going rate’ offers now, when pretty much everyone else is fucking loaded- the bar has moved so we’ll have to pay well over the odds to start twisting arms. And I think we all know how likely that is.


I’m not sure if you can call bidding 40 odd million penny pinching. Monaco have sold Bakayoko for £40m, Silva went to City for £43m. Mendy is rumoured to be valued at £40 something million too. Bidding around the same for Lemar isn’t insulting in my opinion. It might not meet their evaluation but it’s still a decent offer.


I’m not much of a Wenger defender these days but it beggars belief the criticism he’s coming under this summer so far. I’ve never seen us so proactive in the market and actually look like we have a plan and are chasing our targets with a purpose.


Totally agree- I never said that the Lemar offer was insulting.

Did you finish reading my post? I said that this is the backlash for decades of penny pinching (ie past tense.) Then I said “we’re merely making ‘going rate’ offers NOW.” Am I missing something?


How is it payback? Why would Monaco feel the need to essentially punish Arsenal for penny pinching with other clubs in the past?


Yeah I misread it slightly but I still think Wenger is getting undue criticism. If this Lemar offer for example is just the “going rate”, then that means City, Chelsea etc are also bidding the “going rate” which would surely make us level with them so what’s the problem? We’ve also just paid £50 plus million for Lacazette. I’d argue that that was over the “going rate” too.


That Silva transfer is 43m rising to over 60m. I’ve said before in this thread, there’s little to nothing between the two players, not sure why they’d sell for any less than that.


Wenger looks through the shop window at Harrods, then goes to Sainsbury’s to haggle for a cheaper version, then gets the bulk of his shopping from Primark.


But has he been that proactive in this window?
He has bought Lacazette, after five seasons of waiting for a decent striker, and has said the rumours about us bidding 100m for Mbappe were false.

The only reason he is chasing Lemar is because we need replacements for both Sanchez and Cazorla and anything less that one replacement would be unacceptable.

For me, Lacazette and Lemar, with Sanchez and Giroud leaving would be a poor transfer window, and I don’t see much else happening.


I haven’t got time to get into this, but come on, are you really denying that we’ve low-balled clubs in the past? Really?

And I wasn’t singling out Monaco. More a general observation. People may be able to point to single instances which don’t fit the curve, but for me they’re exceptions to prove the rule. We’ve pissed clubs off in the past and now they’re getting their own back. Business is business and all that.

Just to be clear, I’m not really getting at AW per se. Maybe we’ve turned a corner and if so, great, but due to our past transfer dealings I don’t think many clubs out there want to do us any favours. I don’t see much controversy in what I’m saying tbh.


How has he not been proactive? We made Lacazette our most expensive signing before pre-season started and wrapped up Kolasinac before the season even ended.

We’ve also made bids for Lemar. We hadn’t wasted our summer chasing shit like Vardy and ending up with shit like Perez.


I never denied we haven’t low balled teams in the past but that has nothing to do with this summer and clubs aren’t using it to punish us.


Agree to disagree.


In general I don’t think companies act this way because it could be counter their own interests (i.e., I would accept this deal but I won’t now because I don’t like AFC); however, I think it is reasonable to think that they are less patient with us b/c of our history last decade and just take a harder line initially (i.e., they don’t want to waste their time).

I think Monaco became tougher when it looked like Mbappe might stay (at least until end of window) and they lost several others, giving them financial leverage. Unless Lemar raises big stink or we up the ante big time, can see this ending in failure.


I agree, but realistically we have waited for so long, there was no excuse for not getting a striker wrapped up quickly.
Wenger is under more pressure than he has been before, and anything short of three top signings, if Sanchez doesn’t sign a new contract, would leave us no stronger than last season.

This is how transfer windows should be done, and it’s how all the other top clubs do their business, so we haven’t been any more proactive than they have and, in most cases, we have done less business than the other top PL clubs.

With Wenger being so desperate and being out of the CL, as well as glaring holes in key positions, he should be doing at least this, and more.

I would be surprised if we get any other top player, after we sign Lemar, and if Sanchez leaves, that simply isn’t good enough.


The problem is the accumulation of “meh” windows, punctuated with a couple of “pretty good” ones and one really shambolic one (Cech window)… any one window might look “ok” but we need multiple REALLY good ones and once in a while land one of those gems that we can turn into superstar to go along with a solid squad.