Thomas Lemar


Sportsmole disagrees


Most likely scenario, which is highly disappointing. We will be a better squad with Laca and Kola, but it isn’t ambitious enough for me… another year going in one or two players short. Most maddening thing is that we aren’t that far off… again…


We would need to add Mahrez as well, imo.


Forget Mahrez & Lemar, bring in a midfielder.


If we manage to flog of Jack to Italy I’m convinced we will look into that position, though like you say there are quite a number of options out there that would seem to improve us yet we aren’t making any noise whatsoever regarding a MF transfer.


Need to get rid of some of our midfielders first. And Lemar with his trickery is badly needed.


This is definitely happening I think.

Just need to get rid of a few players (maybe we do sell Alexis) and it’s on.


Agreed, I think it’s gonna happen too.

Despite not being so high on the move, I’m 100% getting his name on the 3rd kit. Hopefully Ozil gets 10 & Lemar 11.



Awful news to start the day with. For fucks sake.


Boooooo. We’ll only get Lacazette then and keep sanchez for a year only to lose him and be back at square one next summer.


Oh well.


Better than being back to square one this summer.

When you are an Arsenal fan, you have to learn to be happy with what you get.:santi:


Probably be even worse, we will buckle and sell Sanchez at the end of the window without time to make anymore signings.



Im pretty optimistic on this one, got a feeling it’s in the bag.


Squad is too big repeat x 1000

Need to sell before this can happen Im afraid


Nothing stopping you from buying first, if you are confident of offloading at a later date.


If you can’t shop at Waitrose then go to Sainsbury’s… Mahrez is waiting in the wings :giroud:


If Monaco really are closing the door on the Lemar sale then we’d be phenomenally stupid to sell Sanchez this summer. They get to keep their wantaway but we can’t? :upside_down_face: