Thomas Lemar


The top two in the PL, from just over a season ago, look a lot different from the season just gone.
We are just mid table rivals :wink:


Europa League at least :xhaka:



Wow i like this Arsenal, they aint fucking about this summer are they…but watch we will be happy to get these players only to kick us in the balls with the loss of sanchez.


Man Sanchez can chip - laters if you ain’t up for the Arsenal then you ain’t needed !!


That is like the holy trinity of shitty sources.


Posting Ben Fairthorne was bad enough but damnnnnnnn INDY KAILA



I think Sanchez is going and that is the reason why we are getting business done early.
It’s just a shame Wenger only does this when we are so desperate.

I think Lemar will definitely be here fairly soon and then Sanchez will be allowed to go to who ever wants him.

As long as we get one more attacking midfielder as well as Lemar, so we have proper replacements for Sanchez and Ozil, then this window will be pretty decent, if not I would consider it underwhelming.


If we sign Lemar (irrespective of whether we do it because of Sanchez or not) after we’ve already signed Lacazette, why can’t that go some way to help convince him to hang around a little longer? Those are massive additions.


In an ideal world sure but perhaps he’s tired of waiting and wants to win now? Plus he clearly loves competing in the CL.

Can easily see him thinking too little too late tbh.


But he has won with us, mind you not the top honors, but NOWHERE can guarantee you that you win with them in the first season or close to it. Mancity for all they have spent are worse than us, you expect them to be title challengers but they havent been for years either they have been just as bad as us in general!


Maybe these additions are a pre-requisite to him signing?

He wants to be the best, compete against the best, play with the best. It’s no secret our club hasn’t maximised potential, but equally recent years of signing amazingly talented players would indicate they really are trying.

I have my doubts too, this transfer window echoing the RVP departure window is undeniable. But Wengers comments on fulfilling contracts, Mertesacker outright saying Alexis will stay, Bayern pulling out of the running are all really positive.

After Walker I am not even convinced City have much money left tbh. If reports are to be believed they haven’t even made a bid!

Stay strong brother. Our time is coming.


They are one of the favourites for the title by default regardless, we really can’t be compared to them in that aspect.

In addition to being in the CL he actually has a legitimate chance of winning the title with them and that’s probably enough.


Wenger all gun blazing! Finally! :giroud3:


If and it’s a fuck off massive IF we can play all season the way we did in the Cup final we will be serious contenders

With or without Sanchez


Whilst I get your point, its just not gonna happen. Our squad’s too big and books will need to balanced. If Lemar comes in, Sanchez is gone as much as I hate to say it.

The only alternative is that we suddenly have a massive exodus over the next two weeks freeing up squad places and money.


This could be just bullshit or posturing or whatever. But I’d be totally unsurprised if Wenger fucked this up by drawing out the negotiations while other clubs after Monaco players moved much faster. They aren’t going to sell everybody in the same window, especially if they’re trying to convince Mbappe to stay another year.


Or they never intended on selling Lemar? This window has been incredibly quick.


Or unlike Aulas’s Lyon, Monaco might be respecting our wishes and playing down any potential transfer until the deals done.

If they do lose Lemar they’ve already got a ready made replacement in Boschilia too, who’s gonna light Ligue 1 up next season.