Thomas Lemar



Is it just me or do others have the feeling that getting Lemar is good business but also a sweetner in trying to get Mbappe across. Even if Mbappe went to Madrid and it all went wrong we would essentially be in a great position to pick up the pieces afterwards - however really think that Wenger is going all out to get Mbappe - getting Lemar makes so much sense ??


Why not ? Lemar’s not a like for like replacement for Santi anyway but some of the aspects of his game are similar, like having the ability to skip past players for fun but preferring to let the ball do the work for him or being press-resistant af as well as having the flexibility of mind to make a decisions ina split second when his first, second or even third pass have been closed down which can’t be said for someone like Ramsey who more often than not just passes for the sake of passing as soon as his first option disappears which is a problem.

Back to Lemar though he’s also said himself in the past “I am trying to avoid duels and concentrate on passing and movement as much as possible,” and you can see it in his game.

Like Iniesta :smirk:

I say that because Lemar’s former trainer Philippe Tranchant who is also the man credited for his arrival in Caen (& the one who helped nurture Raphaël Guerreiro through Caens ranks too) has said in the past

“Thomas is a player who fits perfectly with the philosophy of Barça,”

“His left foot is a hand. There is Iniesta in him.”

Don’t get me wrong though if I had to choose from either Thomas Lemar or someone like Naby Keita I’d nab Naby all day mainly because there’s nothing else like him on the market but that said if you can sign Lemar YOU SIGN Lemar.


Honestly Ben Faithorne needs to just fuck off. This whole thing is beginning to reek of M’Vila.


It would great, but realistically Wenger isn’t going to buy three top players in the same window costing around 200m.
I think Mahrez might be third player that he buys, which would be a good signing, but Mbappe, Lemar and Lacazette in the same window is too much to expect.


Mahrez is replacing Salah at Roma.


It’s time to close this deal…this stuff dragging along is getting bothersome.


That isn’t as unrealistic as you think, given the bid of over £100m for Mbappe.

I remember the days when instead of it being ‘Wenger wont spend £200m on 3 players’, it was ‘Wenger wont spend more than X amount on a player’ or ‘Wenger wont spend more than X net’.

You need to stop with this shit dude.


Wenger doesn’t get his business done early - signs Lacazette and Kolasinac very early in the window.

Wenger won’t spend big on a striker - breaks transfer record for Laca.

Could go on and on. He literally sounds like a broken record now. Maybe he’s been right every now and then but Arsene has proved him wrong enough in this window that he might give it a rest for a little bit.


In the windows when I said he wouldn’t spend a certain amount, or wouldn’t buy a striker, I was usually right.
What ever happens, we aren’t getting Mbappe, after buying Lacazette, and we certainly aren’t spending 200m in this window.

Wenger is under immense pressure to sort out the mess he has made, and he has to buy the players he should have bought in previous seasons.
If he doesn’t, and we only get Lacazette and maybe Lemar. while losing Sanchez, I would consider it an underwhelming transfer window.


We are getting him for 48 mil, imo.


Its a shame the Laca signing came about 6 transfer windows too late. Only signing a GK two summers ago was shocking too, we could have won the league that season if he wasnt so negligent. Arsene has done as much bad as he has good in recent years.


Did you mean to reply to me?


Really? Didn’t think Roma had that kind of money


Unless it is 50m for us and 25m for them.


Liverpool and Chelsea gave them close to €80m this summer and that’s not all they got so far (a bit over 100m in total).


I mean that doesn’t necessarily mean they can afford to spend half of it on Mahrez, but fair enough, I don’t know much about their finances lol


Leicester ask more 30 mil for Mahrez to Roma. But they ask more than 50 with us :bellerin:


Natural for Leicester to not want to sell to a title rival.


Nice joke :xhaka: