Thomas Lemar


There probably was a problem at the post office or something…


Sometimes I scribble addresses too sloppy when I jot 'em.


Hopefully we have an alternative???

Guessing it is posturing - AS Monaco already giving up on next season, even if they keep Mbappe - but they can hold out for the price they want for Lemar - so we are 10 million Euros off?


Ornstein - Club still interested in signing Thomas Lemar and are interested in even more signings. But, that will depend on outgoings.


Just offer them 50 mil and get him.


Exactly need to just splash the cash rather than save £5 mill here or there - put the money on the table and be done !!




I think it’s a tad more complicated than that. Or at least I hope it is.


Talent wise there’s not much between Lemar & B.Silva, City paid around £43m IIRC with bonuses that could take it to over £60m. We’re probably some way off Monaco’s valuation at the moment.


After saying that, it must be a case of when, not if, Lemar joins us.


I reckon it is because Monaco are being decimated already the more they let go the worse the situation here for them next season and the harder it will be for them to stop Knapp’s going also so it could end up being a huge cluster fuck for them. We seemingly have taken too long whilst over clubs have taken from them each player that leaves the more they dig their heels in which is to be expected we arrived late to the party and have made things difficult for ourselves in our very own brand of doing things!


Bakayoko failed the medical at Cobham, deleted all the images on social media, changed avatar with a pic with him with AS Monaco shirt and are flying back to France. :eyes:


Source? I’ve read the rumours since yesterday there was issues but didn’t see a solid source.


First source


In all fairness that is their business model. The ‘youth project’ we gooners know so well.

However I doubt it has anything to do with getting in early in so much as it is about them being in a position to suitably replace their existing talent.

Hence why there appears to be little resilience in th selling Mendy and Bakayoko.

Just a guess mind you.



Yep, probably Chelsea asked to remove the images at Cobham.


Chelsea did something with Hazard IIRC.


Gazidis da boss :kos2: