Theo Walcott


So why didn’t Klopp buy Chambo early in the window? Why did he wait til the last day?


Not on the wages he is on with us though!


Ha I hope Walcott get injuried in every game he plays for us. Only way to get him out the match day squad.


PL at this point can afford Walcott. Theo would be worthwhile acquisition for a Mid Table.


Theo would be perfect for Everton in January


Everton reserves maybe. If I was Everton I would not want this fraud in my team


Come on now, let’s not go too far with the hatred. Their attacking players are all slow as fuck and actually mostly quite shit, if I were an Everton fan I’d take Walcott in a heartbeat. His finishing ability and what’s left of his pace make him an immediate starter and an upgrade surely.


Everton could do better.


especially for the money


Generally sure but January?

Either way he should’ve fucked off ages ago, at least Chamberlain had ambitions however misplaced and left. Can see Walcott sitting around doing nothing but taking the money until his contract is up.


Well perhaps, in theory, yeah they could. I don’t rate him really highly or anything.

I just feel like at the start of the summer you could have said the same but by the end he clearly would have been a good signing for them.

Given their current predicament I don’t think they could do any better in January. Suppose that might depend on if they are much higher up the table by January.


Because Wenger thought he would stay and sold him when it was clear that he didn’t want to.
There is no excuse from Wenger.
He could have sold Walcott and Chamberlain and with the money he would have received and massive wages saved could have easily got a player like Lemar at the start of the window.
But, as usual, his dithering and lack of any sort of transfer strategy meant we are left with Ozil and Sanchez leaving because of our lack of investment and ambition.


I find it hard to believe that there won’t be atleast one gullible club out there who won’t be deluded by his xG stats.

If I was not an avid Arsenal follower, I would think Theo is some kind of poacher given his stats.


All we need is @Arsenal4thetreble to get a gig managing a club with some sort of funds available and we should be able to get a quality fee for Theo.


Oh come on, I know i’m one of the worst for slagging off Theo, but there is no way another PL club wouldn’t be interested in him. He could improve quite a few of the teams who finished below us last season. And given how narrow and slow that Everton team is at the moment, i’m including them as possible suitors.

The only problem is, he is too comfortable at Arsenal and will be reluctant to leave. He has a family, they’re all settled in London, living off his high wages - which other clubs are unlikely to match.


Absolutely awful tonight. Embarrassing display from our “captain”



Wow! Bloody damn awful. He isn’t even a player anymore.


I think he’d get benched at every single club in the premier league.


Was always going to be difficult v a deep defense