Theo Walcott


He clearly doesn’t give a fuck anymore. He’ll just continue to collect his money and more likely than not fuck off to the MLS when it’s finished.


Yeah at least Chamberlain did us a favour by fucking off due to misplaced ambition, can easily see this fucker staying until the contract is up.

Peter Pan is done here.


Thought he did well, all our good attacks came through him. You people just have a herd mentality.


Yeah, well, you have a turd mentality.

Good luck recovering from that devastating burn.


Was great, thanks for making me smile. Had a bad day.


You guys are OTT; he did play well, not only that he was constantly giving out instructions to his team mates.

You can dislike the guy but seriously you guys need to stop this cognitive dissonance, it’s not that funny anymore it’s very cringe.


I didn’t watch the match but i will trust those who said he was shit. Just more believable.


Hey @Arsenal4thetreble somehow you have a fellow Walcott fan! Fuck knows how though but there you go.



Bro I just don’t care about your feels.

I am just calling out fallacies


There should be a lot of Theo fans. It’s sad most of the people who watch soccer over there have no clue what they are looking at, and just cling to the opinion of the sports media out there or some wanna be know it all supporter on a football forum.

Doing something positive once every 99 minutes this season. 400 minutes played and he’s got 3 goals and 1 assist. KDB is only doing something good once every 109, lulz Theo is out performing him…again. As usual.


We could have got 25m for him last season, I doubt we would get much more than 15m if he keeps playing like he is.

What’s Wenger’s obsession with him?
What will it take before Wenger realises that he isn’t going to be a top level player?
The only thing top level about him is his wages.

It’s his persistence with players like Walcott that are the reason Ozil and Sanchez are leaving.

We should have sold Walcott, along with Chamberlain, and put the money towards getting Lemar or another proper top quality player.


This is what is wrong with thinking statistics tell you what is really going on.

What manager in Europe would pick Walcott over De Bruyne?
What manager in Europe would pay him more than 100k a week and let him be our longest serving player.

I know the answer to the second one but perhaps you could tell me the answer to the other question.


The smart ones.


Wow you guys need a chill pill Theo was not bad last night by any stretch. In fact the teamdid not play bad at all with 10 behind the ball it was always going to be difficult. As a team not matter A/B/C we just can’t seem to score anymore. Teams come to our ground to defend and sit deep Theo is a pace merchant there was no way he was going to be devastating. And he did well as a captain giving orders on the corners, and organizing the younger players and giving them an earful when they made a bad decision as a captain should. This is what he needed in his time here


The Walcott is better than KDB trolling would have to be some of the worst going around on forums at the moment.


I can’t think of a worse captain we have had.
Bottling out of challenges, saying the other team wanted it more and not signing a contract until as late as possible so he could get as much money out of us as possible.
Then rarely putting in more than average performances.

For all his fans out there, why doesn’t Wenger even trust him in the first team?


Cuz he was forced to buy Lacazette and now has to play him because of the money invested. Even tho Theo is far superior.


William gallas


He might have been a lot of things but he wasn’t weak.
Although he was too sulky and volatile to be our captain.


For a guy who’s brought us more silverware than Robert Pires you lot sure are ungrateful.